My little Zoolanders

I gave the boys a quarter each to sit still for pictures. Linus looks like a heartthrob from the ’80s, don’t you think?



Finally, some one-on-one time

Oh, I don’t mean between me and one of the boys, though I did get some of that on Thursday when Linus was “sick” and I had to pick him up from school. (He wasn’t really sick, he just said he felt like he needed to throw up, and therefore I got the call to pick him up. Later, he told me he drank too much water and that’s why his tummy hurt. Insert huge eyeroll here.)

No, this one-on-one time was with me and my mom. She claims I haven’t been to Baton Rouge without the boys since I was pregnant. While that is possible, it seems unlikely. I think I have been up alone one other time in the past five years and nine months. Hmm.

Most of our time was spent shopping. Woo hoo! I needed some new clothes for the fall, and if my mom wanted to treat me to some, who was I to say no? Rob her of that joy? That would just be mean. So I let her buy me a few things…


Obviously, getting a ton of new clothes is nice, but what was really great was hanging out with her and Larry without three screaming banshees running around. That may sound awful, but I’ll tell ya. It was relaxing.

And with that, I will leave you with this cute picture of baby Hank wearing one of the boys’ old onesies. Aw!

New post, old pic

Wrote a lil’ post over at New Orleans Moms Blog today about the first day of school. Check it out, yo!

And I updated my About Me page. Doing a little housecleaning up in here.

Totally random picture, because I’m incapable of a picture-less post.


And this is why triplets are confusing

Photo unrelated to post, but just too cute not to share. Taken by one of their camp counselors a few weeks ago.

Over the weekend, I got an email from another mom in Oliver’s class, asking for volunteers to bring snacks for the class. I signed up to bring Monday (today)’s snacks. Went to the store yesterday, asked Linus what he wanted me to bring, and got it all ready.

Yeah, that’s right. I asked Linus. Because Oliver has Linus’s old teacher. So while I was picturing Oliver’s teacher, I was putting Linus back in her class. So when Linus’s assistant teacher helped unload the kids at dropoff, I asked her to take the snacks to class for me. She seemed a tad confused, saying that another child’s mom was supposed to be bringing the snacks. I confidently told her that no, I was bringing them today.

After I drove off, I had to pull over so I could double check that I was sending the snacks to the right class. Alas, I was not. So I emailed everyone involved and texted the teacher and hopefully Oliver’s class won’t be snackless today while Linus’s class gorges on grapes, pretzels, and whatever Tavie’s mom is bringing.


Bad blogger. BAD!

Man, I haven’t been posting much, have I? No good reason. I have plenty I can write about…

Like, the Moms Night Out that the other blog I write for put on. It was a huge success! Great time was had by all.




And I got my hair did for it. Nice.



And I took a couple of days off work between camp ending and school starting. The boys and I had a little fun. We saw Turbo (better than I expected), visited school, went to the gym a couple of times, and went to the Children’s Museum.




And, so, yeah. That’s about it. Just random stuff. Getting back into the groove of school starting has been challenging (boy, I do NOT miss the traffic on the way to school) but it’ll get better.

First day of kindergarten

(Did I spell that right? It’s one of those words I’ll never be totally confident I’m spelling right, like niece. Neice? You know what I mean.)

Anyway, yes. Today is the boys’ first day of kindergarten. We went to the school on Monday to get their class assignments, and I’m very happy with their teachers and who is in their classes. (Is it wrong that I was more concerned about the friends in their classes than their teachers?) Oliver has Linus’s teacher from last year, and Miles’s teacher’s aid from last year. Miles and Linus have new male teachers, but Linus’s aid is Miles’s from last year. Confusing enough? Millie is now in Oliver’s class, and the boys’ twin BFFs are, like last year, one in Oliver’s class, and the other in Linus’s. Anyway.

I cut their hair last night, for the first day of school. Tried to make it look different from each other. I may have gone a bit far. Ah well, they’re boys! It will grow back!

At home:


Walking into school (Oliver still a little weirded out by his super short hair):

When we got inside, they weren’t thrilled to be going into their classes, but it went much better than last year. The sweetest, most heartwarming moment ever ever ever was when Oliver was standing outside his class, not budging. So I went inside and grabbed Anders (one of the aforementioned twins) and asked him to come see Oliver. He walked up to Oliver and gave him and enormous hug (well, first he went for Miles) and then the two of them walked into the classroom without a backwards glance. Oh, my heart!


Sniff, sniff, they’re growing up so fast!

PS Look at them compared to the window for the first day of school last year and two years ago…yep, they’re growing!

Good stuff

Just wanted to post about some good things. All sorts of good things. Okay, maybe just two good things.

The other night was White Linen Night. It’s like a block party on this street with lots of art galleries. You wear white. Duh. I haven’t been in years, but when I heard my cousin Clark was having a show at one of the galleries, I made it a priority to go this year. Me and Steph went. It was fun.

White Linen Night 2013
Me and my baby cousin. He is very tall.


White Linen Night 2013
He is also very goofy and he has the best laugh. Great guy.


White Linen Night 2013

(BTW, Clark painted the big mural that I took the boys’ Christmas pictures in front of last year. Remember this beaut?)

And I ran into the boys’ teachers from last year! That was fun.

White Linen Night

Also good? These Greek yogurt bars. I cannot get enough of them. Which isn’t a Good Thing. But they’re only 2 WW points, so heck, even if I eat the whole box (which I totally could do), it wouldn’t destroy me. It also comes in pints. Soooo goooooooood!

68 months old

IMG_5183-Edit.jpg by pyjammy
IMG_5183-Edit.jpg, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Took this picture yesterday (yes, on the correct day) at Ren’s mom’s house. Such a nice setting, I think we’ll do our monthly pictures here from now on. At least in the summer, since she has a nice pool.

(Don’t worry, Ren’s mom, I’m only joking.)
(But Linus would like to move in.)

Found Nemo!

I know, really original.

Today was the boys’ second camp play of the summer. Grease was the first one, and for the second one, they staged a production of Finding Nemo. I was confused at first, but then discovered there’s a musical version. I’ve been hearing “Fish are Friends, Not Food” for the past few weeks and am pleased to say I have it memorized.

Anyway, it was really cute. What else is there to say, really? I love the movie (how could you not?) and I especially appreciated it was only 45 minutes long, even if that meant lots of parts were left out. (And yet, there was a weird song in there, right after the turtles/EAC part that was totally out of place. It was a bunch of hoboes? Singing some kind of teen pop song? Very odd. Must look into this.)

So, pictures, because that’s all that’s really needed here…






This girl playing Peach cracked me up. I mean, she’s a starfish stuck to the side of the tank. What else should she be doing?


The random hippies/hobos…???


Video of the boys’ big song. The video freezes a few times, that’s just when I was taking stills in the middle.

Until next summer…