Painting is done! (well, almost)

The painters came on Saturday and were like rockstars. The house is done! Almost. Maybe. There are a couple of spots that I wish they’d painted the trim color, and I only noticed on Sunday. I knew something was bothering me about the front, and that’s what it was. Too much gray. Need some trim color to break it up. But still…it looks amazing. What a transformation!

I could watch that over and over and over again.


So much better!

More painting progress, for real this time!

Okay, I know yesterday’s pictures weren’t exactly dramatic, but wait’ll you see the ones I took last night!

I took them at twilight so you could see better.

Day 3

Day 3


That’s paint! On the left side of the house! And on the porch, but you can’t really see it.

Now I need opinions. I’m going to buy some new numbers (right now they’re on top of the garage doors under the porch, so barely visible) but I’m not sure where best to put them. What do you think? They’ll probably look like this:

New house numbers

Tomorrow, I’ll have some really great pictures to post. Here’s a teaser:
Day 4

And don’t be too sad, but it looks like this series isn’t going to be as long as I’d hoped. The painters said they’re going to finish tomorrow! Saturday! That’s five days after starting!

Painting: Day 2

Because, why not?, I’m going to post pictures every day of the painting progress. I apologize in advance – these are not terribly exciting, but today they’re actually going to be painting! When I went outside this morning, I saw these:


That’s two giant buckets of Elephant Skin by Behr. Worst paint name ever, btw. Yet kind of perfect.

End of day 2

End of day 2

End of day 2

Slight progress!


We’ve been in our house for nine years and the day I’ve dreamed of for so long is finally here…we’re painting the outside of it! It’s in terrible shape, but it’s such a huge expense that we’ve been putting it off, but finally, we’re having it done! So exciting!

Here’s a before picture I took on Tuesday. One would like to think I mean some Tuesday in late December because, yes, those are Christmas lights hanging from the porch. We are so classy. (Oh man, I could have kept my mouth shut. Just realized the tree is blocking the porch in this photo.)


Yesterday the power-washing and sanding started. Eeep!

Day 1

Here is George pointing to the garage doors and saying we should paint them like the TARDIS doors. What you can’t hear is me saying, “no, dear.” I’m such a meanie.


Can you believe that tree out front was the size of a pencil when I planted it in 2005? Crazy. And maybe could use a little trimming. Hmm.

Anyhoo, the house is going to be a dark gray, the trim will be a creamy white, and the front door will be red.

Published authors!

Warning: This is really friggin’ cute.

The other night, Miles was, for once, really excited about going to school the next day. In English class, with Mr. Rob, they were going to be writing books! But when he came home yesterday, he was down in the dumps because for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. So I said, “then let’s write books tonight!”

And now I am the proud Mama of three published authors. It’s a small in-house publisher, very very exclusive. (Your DNA has to be just so in order to be published by this publishing house.) I am the editor-in-chief, the bookmaker (see that binding? that’s craftsmanship for ya), the typesetter (I chose a very unique handwriting font), and marketing director.

May I present our first three titles?


The Bunnies that Play Soccer, by Linus Kocke
The Lost Magic, by Miles Kocke
The Bunny that was Trying to Find a Treasure, by Oliver Kocke

Just like Amazon, I have a “look inside” feature.

from The Bunnies That Play Soccer


From The Bunny that was Trying to Find Treasure


from The Lost Magic

I’ll let you know the release date on these titles. I expect it’ll be available for Kindle, Nook, and as an audiobook read by the authors.

Publicity photos of the authors with their works can be found here:

I have been informed by the authors that these titles will kick of three series about bunny pirates, bunnies playing sports, and a boy named Jacob. Stay tuned!

Pulled out the camera again

While I love my iPhone, maybe more than any other gadget, I have to admit it’s been terrible for my photography. Which is funny since one of the reasons I wanted it, and one of the reasons I love it, is the camera. But it just means I rarely pull out my big camera, my Canon 7D. (I will say that my 85mm lens might be my second favorite “gadget”, or maybe third after my Kindle. Hmm.) (I don’t love my 7D as much because I feel like it’s grainy. Is it the camera? Did I get a bad one? I don’t know. But it disappoints me some. Sad.)

All of that to say, I brought it to the park for a playdate the boys had, and I took some pictures. Finally! Granted, mostly of kids other than my own…

Radio silence

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, just have been crazy busy. Life, ya know. We went to Baton Rouge this weekend to spend some time with Grandee and Larry, which was nice. But I gotta share this funny from my mom…

Mom: I’m sad.Me: Why?
Mom: Two weeks from tomorrow, we’ll be packing to leave St. Lucia to come home.

Sniff, sniff. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? In two weeks, it will almost be time for my poor Mom to leave a tropical paradise after a ten-day vacation. I get choked up just thinking of it.

Ha ha, Mom! Love you! Bring us back some t-shirts!

Now, some totally random pictures from the weekend…


Oliver’s Megazord


Miles caught a fish THIS BIG. Yeah, right.


Fun on the slowest slip & slide on earth!


Oliver about to fish.


Watching the LSU game with Grandpa Larry (whose kids are these??)


My most controversial post EVER.

Be warned. This is a topic that makes tempers flare. Passions run high on this one. You might get angry reading this post. You’re either going to be FOR or AGAINST this, and I really hope our friendship doesn’t suffer.

The devil’s tool

It’s Gogurt.

So here’s how Gogurt-gate 2013 got started.

So innocently. I was at the grocery store after work on Tuesday, and as always, was on the lookout for things to put in the boys’ lunchboxes that are at least mildly healthy, not too expensive, and that they might actually eat. I spied a pack of 8 Simply Gogurts (Strawberry flavored) and put them in my cart. The boys love “pink” yogurt (Yoplait Strawberry, only in the big container, as the small containers have chunks of strawberries, and chunks are unacceptable) and these tubes looked like a good bet. When I got home, I put them in the freezer, as I’d heard others do, so they would stay cold until lunchtime.

When the boys got home from school, I was pleased to see that the Gogurts were not in their lunchboxes anymore. I quizzed them on whether or not they’d eaten them, and I got yeses across the board. Success!

And then one of them mumbled that his assistant teacher said that Gogurts weren’t allowed because they were too sticky. I thought this was weird (I mean, aren’t kindergartners sticky all the time anyway?) so I went on Facebook and polled my friends list to see if Gogurt was allowed at their school. I guess I should have specified that I put the Simply Gogurts in their lunchboxes, but really, the point wasn’t that I sent the kind without artificial colors and HFCS. The point was that they were too sticky for lunch.

80+ comments later, the only thing I can say for sure is that Gogurt is a very polarizing subject.

PS I emailed the school principal, and I will abide by what he says. I certainly don’t want to get on the bad side of any of their teachers.

PSS I just had a good idea. I bought a pack of four of these to put applesauce in for Linus, so maybe I’ll get some more and fill them with pink yogurt myself. Should be neater.


Look, I can’t pretend to understand where this came from, but it’s pretty awesome, right? This video is going to really come in handy when the documentary about their lives (as a famous boy band, I’m guessing) is made. The producers are going to be so happy I filmed this.

Presenting, “Pig Race” by Oliver and his backup dancers, Miles and Linus. Enjoy.