365 in 2014: 04/29/14 {looks like a face}

Miles noticed this face in the arm of the minivan seat when we were getting out at the dentist’s office. It reminds me of Kevin from Up, but maybe that’s not right. Any other ideas? It’s definitely something familiar. Hmm.

(I love that this is a thing.)

Trying to be clean here (the Whole30 challenge)

So kind of on a whim (which is typical of me), I decided to try to do the Whole30 challenge. It was the day before Easter when the idea came to me, so I thought, I’ll start the day after Easter so I can still indulge in my mom’s scalloped potatoes, the boys’ candy, and wine.

But then I remembered that I was leaving for a work trip to Chicago on May 1, and let’s face it, one of the highlights of these work trips are the meals and drinks. And Chicago? Hello, deep dish pizza! So I decided I could at least do a Whole 10 until I left. Better than nothing, right?

Here’s the lowdown on the Whole 30, in a nutshell:

  • no grains
  • no dairy
  • no added sugar or artificial sweetener
  • no soy
  • no legumes
  • nothing processed

Sounds fun, right? It’s not all that different from Dukan, which I had success on two years ago, so I knew I could do it if I wanted. And after seeing Jillian Michaels talk earlier this month, eating cleaner has been on my mind anyway.

What can I eat?

  • vegetables
  • meat!
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • avocados (mmmmmm)
  • fruits
  • healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and ghee (clarified butter)

I’d say the biggest challenge has been artificial sweetener. Of course it’s crap, I should have given it up long ago, but black coffee is…not my thing. I’ve been drinking tea more, since that’s more palatable without sweetener in it. Pizza, which is one of the boys’ staples, is of course completely off the table, and when I took Miles to Costco the other day, the hardest part for me wasn’t the pizza (which is probably my favorite food on earth) but the lemonade. Mmmm, sweet, sweet lemonade. Alas.

I’m on day 9 now and feeling pretty great, except for my back, which I hurt about two weeks ago. (Good news, it’s just muscular, not anything disc-related.) So I haven’t been exercising as much as I’d like, but my eating has been good.

And now I’m contemplating not going off it for my Chicago trip.

But here’s where I have to confess, I’ve had a glass of wine here and there. And I might in Chicago, because I am only human. And possibly a slice of deep-dish pizza…

I’d love to know if anyone reading this has tried it, and if you have any tips or comments or questions about it….

Pics that didn’t make the cut

I took a lot of pictures this weekend, and it was hard just to pick a few for the 365 project. So here are the “rejects”…


365 in 2014: 04/27/14

I took some family pictures for a friend, and while most of the photos are pretty classic (these children are criminally photogenic) this might be my favorite of all.

365 in 2014: 04/26/14

Busy day, hard to pic one picture to use for the day’s pic, but I think Linus getting his medal for finishing soccer is my favorite.

365 in 2014: 04/25/14

George got a new car! It’s pretty much the most basic car you can buy, and I’m proud to say we qualified for the 0% financing. I feel so fiscally responsible! Anyway, now my poor van feels kind of sad. I vacuumed it out on Saturday to make me feel  little better about it. Ha.

365 in 2014: 04/24/14


Pretty big picture fail on Thursday. This was the only one I took, of the boys waiting to leave for school Thursday morning. Lame.

365 in 2014: 04/23/14

My handsome boys. We were waiting in the carpool line (inside the school gates) because we got there a little early this morning (!) and I had my new camera with me. They were looking at the car in front of us, which belonged to some of their best friends. Adorable.

365 in 2014: 04/22/14

Had dinner with some friends from a job I had ten years ago. We were at the restaurant during happy hour. You know what makes me happy.