365 in 2014: 06/29/14

Just…climbing a rock, mom.

365 in 2014: 06/25/14

Dinner with the triplet moms last week may have kicked off a minor obsession with fish tacos. Good thing I’m going to Mexico next week!

365 in 2014: 06/24/14

The game was cancelled (we’re going through one of those periods where it thunderstorms every afternoon) but we didn’t find out til we got to the field. I was super proud when Miles got out there to practice with some of the other kids anyway. He’s come a long way since the beginning of the season!

365 in 2014: 06/23/14

The boys were playing baseball with their stuffed animals. Just when I start getting concerned that they play too many video games, they go and do something like this. Whew.

365 in 2014: 06/21/14

I kind of want to save the full unveiling for when everything is done, so here’s a sneak peek. Of the faucet that’s only putting out about 30% of the water it should be. Eh.

365 in 2014: 06/20/14

We didn’t have a working kitchen Friday night, due to some granite installation debacle, so I took the boys out to dinner. We are fancy.

365 in 2014: 06/19/14


While I know the correct thing to do would be to post a picture of Miles here, since we were at Miles’s baseball game, there are honestly only so many ways I can make “Miles standing in the outfield” look exciting. So here’s Linus, instead. Love the light at that time of the evening, and look at those eyelashes, and freckles, and the little ear fold that helped me recognize that the boys were identical before we had the DNA test done…

Ketchup: 365 in 2014

Oh, I haven’t been very good about this, have I?


I might have been a little overzealous in my removal attempts. I have always hated this stupid tile backsplash, but it looks like the bird doesn’t want to leave. We’re going to have to cut the sucker out. Worth it.



Went on a bike ride and ran into (thankfully not literally) my sweet Ann Frances!



Making shadows at Miles’s baseball practice. Oliver and Linus have been coming to them for one reason – the snack bar.



At least they’re not fighting over my iPads.



Wondering if this will make a more authentic Pimms & Lemonade than Sprite does. Only one way to find out!