Thanksgiving, in pictures

Larry took this for us, right after he spelled "i cup."
Larry took this for us, right after he spelled “i cup.”

Later, my mom and I went to Target and got the boys’ birthday shopping done. A little mother-daughter bonding, too.


Miles’s dance yesterday to the Newman percussionists just kind of killed me. In a good way.

Special friends

The boys spent some time this morning at a friend’s school for Special Friends Day. It was pretty adorable to watch Rajan show them around proudly.








Race report: Big Easy Running Festival Mini Marathon

Yesterday (November 23, 2014) was the inaugural Big Easy Running Festival. I signed up for it months ago, and I only had to pay a few dollars for the entry, so when the weather looked like it was going to scupper the whole shebang, I wasn’t too upset. I had signed up for the mini marathon (which sounds way more impressive than the actual race distance of four miles.)

Up until the time I woke up Sunday morning, I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. The time had been pushed back to a 10:15 start, so it was nice not to have to rush out the door at the crack of dawn. On the other hand, I was worried about it being warmer than I’d like.

I got down to the race site and there weren’t a ton of people. As I was walking up, the national anthem was being sung, and I recognized the voice as that of my friend Robin. She really does have the most exquisite voice.

I got my race packet and debated putting on the race shirt because it was rather chilly, and I’d only worn a short-sleeved tee. The race shirt was short sleeved too, but hey, layers. In the end (even though yellow is not my color) I decided to wear it.

Photo Nov 23, 9 47 09 AM

I huddled under a building overhang while waiting for our race to start, because it was lightly raining. Mostly I was just trying to avoid getting my shoes wet. It cleared up in time to get lined up for the race, and we could see the sun coming out in the distance.

The race started not long after the finishers from the 10K (it was supposed to be a half-marathon, but it was cut short) started coming in. Man, they were fast! Pretty awesome.

And then the race started. It was fine. I had been training at a pretty slow pace (basic advice from a coworker who runs really long distances) to go farther distances, so my splits of just under 12 minutes were just what I was aiming for. I mean, not to sound too defensive, but I’ve run a 31 minute 5k, so I definitely can run faster. I just chose not to this time. NO REALLY.

{Let me ask myself, since I gave up doing half marathons, why am I working on running longer distances instead of working on going faster? I must ponder this.}

{Maybe one day I want to try to actually run an entire half-marathon?}

Anyway, there was a nasty headwind from mile 2-3, and the sun came out blazing. I started to regret the extra layer, but oh well.

I ended up finishing right in 46:22, a pace of 11:36 per mile. I’m totally fine with that. In fact, I’m rather proud that I didn’t go out too fast. I don’t know my mile splits (I think the GPS was just bad downtown because Runkeeper had my first mile at 8:50 or something absurd) but I suspect they were negative. (In a good way.)

Screenshot 2014-11-24 08.43.59

I’m also possibly unreasonably proud for finishing 16th in my age group. And not 16th out of 18, but 16th out of 40. And the 73rd female out of 175! That’s the top half! At least next year, I’ll be the youngest in my age group instead of the oldest. Heh.

Anyway, I was kind of bummed that we didn’t get 610 Stompers cheering us on at the finish like the 10k finishers did, and we got plastic cups instead of medals, but oh well.

Ran into my friends Robin (the angelic-voiced one) and her husband Bryan at the finish and forced them to take a triplet parent selfie with me.


Not sure what’s next. Am I going to cave and do another half? Or some 5ks? Another sprint triathlon? No idea.

One year!

One year ago today, I became a full time Automattician. I got my picture on this page.

Best. Day. Ever.

My friend Zandy had to convince me, a few months earlier, to apply for a job as a Happiness Engineer. I wasn’t sure if I was technical enough, but I knew I had enough love for WordPress to do it.

It was my Dream Job, with a capital D and a capital J. And I’ve had it for a year now.

(And you can have your DJ too!)

Wedding recap

Okay, it’s nine years late, but I don’t think I ever properly recapped our wedding. No time like the present! Let’s see what I can remember…

Let me think…it was a beautiful day, November 12, 2005. At some point, we all went to the hairdresser and got our hair did.

Then I guess we went to the church to get ready? Something like that?

Meanwhile, I suppose the boys were getting ready too? Probably involving some flasks?

And then we took lots of pictures, but none of the bride and groom together.

And then people started arriving and my brother walked me up the aisle and we got married!

Then we took more pictures while the guests got candles and walked the two or three blocks to the reception hall.

Then we took more pictures, ate some cake, danced a little bit, talked to people, you know, all that reception stuff you do.

And then we were off! (To the only hotel with rooms at this post-Katrina time, the Sheraton right around the corner.)

And that was our wedding. It really was the best wedding. I mean, the best one I’ve had so far, for sure.

Two wheels!

Today was a big day in our house.

The afternoon started like this, with training wheels on.


But not for long. They’re almost seven, after all. (They only got bikes last Christmas, so they haven’t had them very long.)


Daddy took them off, and within an hour, they were riding without them!

Everyone got Daddy hugs when they were done.

Hooray! The boys all walked home together.


The end.

Inside the Monthly Photos

So I just posted the boys’ 83rd monthly picture, and I thought I’d share some insights into the process.

First, I ask the boys if they know what day it is. They look at the calendar, notice it’s the fourth, and then groan. “ANOTHER PICTURE?”

Usually, I take them outside, in front of the side of the house. Makes for nice comparisons over time. Like this:

monthly-compareBut sometimes I’ll take it somewhere else, just for fun. (And the sun beats down on that side of the house in the afternoon, so if I don’t take the picture in the morning or late afternoon, it has to be done somewhere else. Hence last month’s porch photo.)

This time, the boys were off because of Election Day and George took off to hang out with them while I worked, so we took a walk to the pub in the afternoon and I thought that’d be a nice time to get their picture.

We stopped at the library. Nah.


Then we stopped on the sidewalk. Nah.


Another sidewalk. Cute, so at least I know I have something to use.


Goofing around.

Then we get to the pub, and I know George will want me to take it in front of the TARDIS, which is also the entrance. So I do.


Once I feel confident I have a decent photo, I let them have Tootsie Rolls (I know they will dribble chocolate down their fronts, disgusting beasts) and take random photos of them.

83 down, who knows how many more to go?

83 months old

83 months

I suppose since this month’s picture fell on Election Day, taking the photo in front of an English pub wasn’t exactly fitting. Oh well, George wanted a picture of the boys with the TARDIS anyway.