Only in New Orleans…

Check out my latest post on the New Orleans Moms Blog. Do you know how many tries it took to get the perfect forlorn, tear-streaked photo for this?


(a lot.)


My brother made standing in a line, in birth order, into a game. Voila! Pics of the boys and almost all of their cousins. (Andrew is at home, but we’ll see him next month when we go to Virginia.)

Ellie, Emily, Linus, Oliver, Miles
Ellie, Emily, Linus, Oliver, Miles


Happy houseiversary

I cannot believe I forgot our 11 year houseiversary the other day. Okay, okay, maybe I don’t have to mark every anniversary of every thing that’s ever happened. Yeah, I don’t have to. I just like to.

But wait…I’ve only posted once about a houseiversary, and that was ten years ago! So now I don’t feel quite so ridiculous for posting one today.

In the past eleven years, we’ve been through a lot in this house. Engagement, Hurricane Katrina, marriage, and the arrival of three kids at once (as you can imagine, we bought this house on the assumption we’d have one or two kids, max.)

We’ve redone the kitchen, rebuilt the stairs, moved rooms around, built in triple bunk beds, painted the exterior, and added a wall, but I still want to repaint the living room and get new floors downstairs and fix the ones upstairs and redo the totally ’80s downstairs bathroom and finally change the lightbulb at the top of the stairwell that has been burned out for a decade.

One day.

Would I love to have a bigger house? One without so much wasted space? God, yes. The boys won’t fit in those beds forever, and I’d kill for, say, an actual laundry room and a back yard. But I also love the idea of the boys growing up in the same house forever. And I can still remember the knee-weakening feeling I got when we walked through the front door for the first time.

(Of course, the previous owner was an artist, and had one teenage kid. And was more on the minimalist side than we’ll ever be.)

Getting into the habit

Well, I can’t very well give a talk on Making Blogging a Habit and then just not blog, can I?

I should talk about my trip to Dayton. It was nice. The flight there was uneventful, as was the flight back, which nowadays is a pleasant surprise instead of, you know, just the way things should be.

The hotel I was staying in was attached to the convention center, so I didn’t see too much of Dayton, but dinner Saturday night was at an Irish pub in an interesting district not far from downtown.

I have to be honest, didn’t expect there to be a red light district (really red light 1/8 of a block) in Dayton, Ohio, but there you go.

I’m kind of skipping around here. Friday night was a speaker’s dinner, which was nice. I met some great people in the WordPress community, had a delicious meal, and got to see some of my coworkers.

A lot of people seemed puzzled by why I went all the way to Dayton for a WordCamp, when they happen all over the place. Well, there’s not one in Louisiana. In fact, guess who will probably be helping to organize one, one day? You’re looking at her. Dayton was a perfect first WordCamp for me. It wasn’t too big, so I didn’t feel too nervous about speaking.

(That’s a total lie, of course. I was petrified. I had assumed maybe 10 people would come to my talk, but it was more like 25, which filled up the small room.)

In the end, my talk went well, I got lots of great feedback from people, and someone even QUOTED ME in a TWEET during my talk! That was pretty amazing, I have to say.

Love that! I’m going to frame it.

Now I’m excited about the next one. Speaking, attending, organizing, whatever!

Technology, man.

Airplane selfie!
Airplane selfie!

I am sitting on an airplane. In the air! Hurtling through the skies! Posting this! I know, it’s not THAT exciting, but this is the first time I’ve experienced functional wi-fi on an airplane. I should be working on tomorrow’s presentation, but Keynote doesn’t require wi-fi, and I don’t want to waste it.

Plus, tomorrow’s presentation is about blogging, so it only makes sense that I blog now. So it’s kind of related.

Last night, a few of my friends came over and watched me awkwardly give my presentation, and gave me some great feedback. So hopefully it will go well.

Little trip to the zoo

Took the boys to the zoo after school with a friend. There was a 100% chance of rain, but thanks to me wearing rainboots and carrying two umbrellas, it didn’t rain at all!

It was really cute how much the boys wanted me to take pictures of them with their friend (who Oliver later informed me was his BFF.) I may have to get him over to our house for monthly pics now. Whatever it takes.

“Bootcamp” update

I haven’t forgotten about my “bootcamp,” but I did forget to post updates. (Thank god, I know.) I was pretty sore after Sunday’s race, so I took it pretty easy Monday morning, just keeping my legs loose. A few minutes on the stair stepping escalator thingy, a few minutes on the elliptical, some strength training, etc.

But I was pretty exhausted after that, so I did take Tuesday off. Back to it this morning, with a nice three mile run on the treadmill. Only problem is, I forgot my fitbit. I hate that! It’s like it didn’t happen now. Blah.

Other things that have happened:

– cut Linus’s hair last night, the other two will get shorn tonight. It’s fun to have one looking so different. Too bad the only haircut I can do is the 5/8″ with the clipper all the way around.

And, that’s about it. Yeah. So. Until tomorrow!

Race Report: Shamrockin’ Run 8k

The traditional pre-race selfie.
The traditional pre-race selfie.

This is the third year of this race, and my third year doing it. I guess I’ll have to do it every year, from now on, til the end of time. Because, as you may have guessed, when I start a streak, I have a hard time stopping.

I only signed up for the race on Monday, though. I wasn’t planning on running it, but Heather asked, and I relented. I haven’t been running a ton lately, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run the whole thing. I ran the whole thing (8k is a hair shy of 5 miles – and I mean really, it’s 4.97 miles) for the past two years, and I didn’t think this year it would be possible.

But I looked at the weather forecast, and it looked fine – overcast and coolish.

So, you know, I did it. I mean, not much to say. I started running (at what I judged, very nicely, to be a 12 minute mile) and just didn’t stop. I mean, that’s how you do it, right? I had Runkeeper on to tell me every 3 minutes how my pace was, so that helped, though I think the GPS must’ve gotten wonky during mile 2, because suddenly it wasn’t exactly the same as the race course. (There were timing mats at every mile, which was nice.

Anyhoo, that’s about it. I wanted to finish in under and hour, and voila:


I mean, talk about just coming in under the wire! 59:59!

A few notes about the race:

I find the classification as anyone slower than 11 minute miles as a walker pretty insulting. I didn’t walk a step.


I drank a Guinness at the end. I don’t really like Guinness, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world at 10am today.


Now I suppose I may as well sign up for next year now, when it’s super cheap.

Little random things

Some random things.

1. Inexplicably, the boys are into Power Rangers again. They stopped watching that dreck a year ago, and now it’s back. Yuck.

2. I was asked to be interviewed for a multiples-related podcast. Fun! If it happens, I’ll share more details.

3. I got to see my high school BFF this weekend, which was great. She was in town for another friend’s birthday party, so it was like a tiny high school reunion. I know most people would shudder at the thought, but my high school friendships are among my most enduring.

4. Miles says “night mirror” instead of “nightmare.” I love how their mispronunciations sometimes make more sense than the actual word. (They still say “movie feeder” instead of “movie theater,” because you eat there. Duh.)

5. Today would have been Stinky‘s 17th birthday. I was talking about her with the boys, and Oliver rather hilariously said, “it’s her afterlife,” whispering the last word for dramatic effect.

I did that 8k race this morning, so I’ll be working on that post next. Don’t worry, it’ll be short.

Kids. (Mostly not mine.)

This is what happens when I pull out my camera around my friend Mary Catherine’s kids.




And then there’s my kid. Cooperate for a picture? I think not.