NCIS New Orleans

Watch tonight! It’s the episode they filmed in front of my house last month. You might catch a glimpse of something from one of these scenes… (spoiler alert?)

Those are mostly pictures I took from my desk, so the action was really close. It was cool to see how everything is done, but I also got pretty jaded towards the end.

“Yawn, there goes Scott Bakula again.”

(Look, my mom loved Quantum Leap when I was growing up. This is exciting stuff to have the star on my sidewalk!)

Anyway. Look out for the coffee shop – that’s really my next door neighbor’s living room.

File Apr 07, 8 09 46 AM

Here’s the preview for the episode:

2 thoughts on “NCIS New Orleans

  1. sheryldedee

    Thanks for sharing. How wonderful for you to be so close to the action. I am a big fan of Scott Bakula, and can never hope to see him over here in Australia. You must be seeing a lot of stars over there now that they are making so many TV shows and movies in NO.


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