I was on the BBC!

Okay, that was a bit of a clickbaity title, I’ll confess. But it is true.

See, there’s this podcast that I’ve been listening to for years. (If you like movies, you should enjoy it.) It’s British (obvs) and a radio show on BBC 5 Live, but after it airs on the radio, they release it as a podcast.

Anyway, last week or so, I wrote in to say I’d be able to listen for the first time since I started listening, because my husband and I were in the UK for our annivesary, blah blah.

And they read it out! Kind of surreal to hear our names read aloud by these voices I’ve been listening to for years.

You can subscribe to the podcast here if you’re interested, and you can hear my email read out in the June 5 episode, about 10:15 into it.

4 thoughts on “I was on the BBC!

      1. Jack Lenox

        Haha. It’s amazing!

        I’m one of those listeners who is generally about 5-8 weeks behind, but I may skip forward to hear your email. ๐Ÿ™‚


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