An Ollie afternoon

The boys were invited to two birthday parties last weekend. They all went to the one on Saturday (we found a far superior laser tag place, so they say) but Oliver only wanted to go to the one yesterday (he is the closest friend of the birthday boy.) So we got a little one on one time again!

Shhh…don’t tell the brothers we got beignets!

Katrina, blogged

Honestly, the last thing I want to read right now is more about Katrina, but I can’t just let 10 years (such a nice round number) go by without any acknowledgement. But mostly it’s just going to be links.

I am really grateful I’ve been blogging for 14 years at times like this.

August 23, 2005: The last “normal” time I blogged. (Aside: really great feature here on about the last “normal” day in New Orleans.)

Saturday is my first fitting for my wedding dress. I’m so friggin’ excited. It can’t come fast enough! And then I’m going to DC for Labor Day weekend, courtesy of my dear dear dear friends and big sister. Fun two weekends coming up. Yay!

Or, not.

August 29, 2005: Just a quick check-in to say we were fine.

August 31, 2005: Regrets that I only packed for a weekend.

September 1, 2005: Reality is sinking in.

It’s impossible to comprehend what’s happening. People have always talked about the Big One hitting New Orleans directly. But we didn’t really think it’d happen in our lifetime. And it’s playing out exactly like they said it would. Of course, I wouldn’t have predicted the lawlessness that would take over the city. I can’t believe there are people taking shots at helicoptors.

September 4, 2005: A week post-storm.

I was at Target this evening and behind me in line was an elderly man with his son or grandson. The grand/son went to get him some razors and while we were waiting in line, the man asked me where I was from. I said Algiers and he said he was from Chalmette. Chalmette, in case you don’t know, is gone. I read that 96% of all of the homes are under water. Under a lot of water.

September 4, 2005 (another post): Moving our wedding. You can read more about that here.

I have come to realize that I just don’t care where it is. As long as it happens, who really cares where it is?

September 10, 2005: On the road. We headed to Virginia just to get away from it all.

September 20, 2005: Back in Baton Rouge.

September 22, 2005: Some inanity.

September 28, 2005: Back at work (in Baton Rouge).

Found out our New Orleans offices might not reopen until the new year. Which means I might spend the first month of married life living in another city as George.

October 1, 2005: Home!

After that, my blog is mostly wedding talk, but if you want to read all of my entries about Katrina, you can find them here.

Some random pics from that era…

Goings on

Haven’t blogged about just stuff lately.

The boys are almost done with their second week of second grade. Time is flying, and I’m having a bit of a tricky time getting everything done. New schedule always takes some getting used to.

IMG_4515Last weekend we went swimming for the last time. That was sad.

I bought some new headphones for work. Nice Bose ones on sale at Target, but they hurt the top of my head. I really want a replacement pair of my old headphones, but the earpiece snaps off if you so much as look at it wrong (I’ve already been through two pairs.) But they cradle my noggin much better. So I’ll probably return the Bose headphones and keep looking for new ones.

I’m trying Dukan again. It worked so well last time, crossing my fingers it will work again. So far so good. (Almost 72 hours without sugar!) Meat meat meat meat meat.

DSCF6935My Achilles tendon is still bugging me a bit (it’s been six months) but I got some heel cups from Amazon which seem to actually be helping. My friend Steph and I meet at 6 every morning to walk/run about 3.5 miles. Some days are better than others. Nevertheless, I’m signed up for the Jazz half marathon on Halloween.

Tonight we finished watching the last Harry Potter movie with the boys. I almost forgot how great the last one is. My cold hearted children didn’t even flinch when the Weasley twin (Fred?) died, but that part just really gets me every time.

Took Miles to the doctor one day last week because of a weird blister thingy on his arm. I was paranoid it was mrsa or something, but turns out it’s just molluscum. And it could take a year to go away. But at least it’s not something really awful. What I am not going to do is google either of those terms because both will bring up vile photos. No thank you.

I hope this doesn’t affect Miles’s acting career. Oh, well, I mean, it doesn’t exist yet, but when he said he wants to be an actor when he grows up, I put him in an extras database, and signed him (and Oliver) up for the Drama and Improv after school activity. YES. That means there will be extensive documentation of a play in a few months. I think I’m going to be an awesome stage mom, I really do.

Until next time!




Flashback to the 90s

Last weekend was the New Orleans Moms Blog‘s annual Mom’s Night Out. The theme this year was 90s prom. It was super fun, and I had a great time reliving that decade.

Clothing-wise, I wore pretty much exactly what I spent my two years at LSMSA and my (cough) six years at LSU wearing: cutoff jean shorts, doc martens, baggy t-shirt. I added some leggings and went a tad overboard on hair and makeup. (For real in the 90s, my hair looked pretty much exactly as it does now, but hennaed, and makeup was limited to mascara and lipstick.)


Hee hee heeee hee heee! I made sure not to smile at all. That would have been out of character.

Okay, once I couldn’t help it. Prom pic with Megan!


The event was held at NOMA, which was pretty cool. I can’t believe they let a bunch of punks hang out with Picasso paintings and such.


I gotta give the makeup artist kudos on that eyeliner. It didn’t come off until maybe two days later.


The cakes made by a local bakery were soooooo perfect. (Tasty too!)

And people really got into the theme:

It’ll be fun to see what theme we have next year! How to top this?!?!

Felix, the Chosen Minion

The boys are currently running around the house playing in a knockoff Harry Potter world, complete with bad British accents and made up spells.

I’m writing this from beyond the grave because it has killed me.

Second grade!


Look at those shiny new sneakers! Oliver’s kill me. They’re so dang white. I kept thinking he only had socks on. Bless his heart, he’s super proud of them.



I walked them into school today, and Miles had kind of a hard time. It’s not even that he was scared of the unknown, he just didn’t want summer to end. I feel ya, buddy. I should be celebrating the start of school, but honestly, I’m not pumped about homework and the daily hour and a half commute across town to pick up the kids.

Walking in.
Walking in.
Miles not being pumped about the first day.
Linus was all, "see ya!"
Linus was all, “see ya!”

Oh, you want to see other first day of school posts? Sure!

(Wait, I just have to post this one pic, from their first day of prek-3, four years ago!)


Fun with friends

One of my coworkers, Deborah, came through New Orleans today with her family, and the boys and I met them all for an adventure. I haven’t seen her since we were in Barcelona, so it was exciting to see her again.

First, we braved the boiling heat to meet them at the streetcar stop on St. Charles. We stopped for fun pictures at the steps of One Shell Square first.



Then, we met up with them and made her daughter, Vera, take pics with the boys, since they were all wearing their Wapuu shirts. Meanwhile, her son Isaac closely scrutinized the boys to figure out how best to tell them apart. (I will be asking him for tips.)


We got on the streetcar and had a great ride down St. Charles.





Until they kicked us off and made us get on a bus. At first we were disappointed, but then we realized it was air conditioned, and the kids got to stand up, and hey, the bus is really better than the streetcar!





We got to the park where Deborah and I sat on a bench in the shade while the kids played. And she realized her hat was still on the bus. Ack!

If you look closely you can see Vera putting her stuffed animals in a swing. (Foreshadowing!)



We made them pose by a tree.


Got back on the streetcar and bus to go have lunch at Slice. Yum! I bought a Groupon on the way. Handy!




After we ordered, Vera inquired about the whereabouts of her stuffed animals. ACK! Still in the swing back at Audubon Park!

Deborah zoomed off in an Uber to retrieve the animals – luckily they were safe! while I hung out with the kids and stuffed ourselves with yummy pizza and salad.



After lunch, we headed back to the streetcar, and then to our car. I was sad our adventure had come to the end. I was very tempted to swipe Vera and take her home with me. She’s adorable and sassy. But I left her with her family, alas.

The end!

Say what you will

…but if buying a selfie stick means the boys not only sit still for pics but actually want to be in them, then it’s worth the embarrassment of admitting that I bought a selfie stick.


Another one bites the dust

The tooth fairy has been very busy this week. She needs to get some more golden dollars, stat!

I need to figure out how many teeth have been lost this summer. I’d guess ten, at least.