Back on land

Larry and my mom with the grandkids

We just got home today from a week-long cruise with the whole family, and while I will be writing up a very detailed post with pics and stuff, I wanted to jot down a few things before I forget.

I am still a little dizzy. I didn’t get seasick or anything, but getting your land legs back is a real thing. My body is adjusting to being still for once.

Ellie and I being totally serious.

I am terrified of getting on a scale. There’s just so much food. And it was good. And rich. Oh, right, and we had the unlimited beverage package. So there was that too. I think I’m going to try to detox for a week or so, and then see how bad the damage is.

The boys were kind of celebrities on the ship. By the end of the cruise, if I just had one of them with me, random people would say, “you lost two!”


It was really awesome to hang out with my siblings and their kids and spouses. We don’t get together often enough. No wonder since we’re spread out all over the place.

The boys are now all eating new foods. Oliver ordered PB&J at every meal, they all scarfed down calamari (okay, we told them it was shrimp), and Miles stole half of my lamb at last night’s dinner.

Oliver getting all the food.

And they ate so much food. I mean, the ice cream alone – Miles ate about 8 cones a day. Not even exaggerating. Their breakfast plates were piled high with bacon, sausage, pancakes, cereal, toast, etc. And then we’d have lunch, and at dinner, they’d order two or three entrees each. And eat them all.

IMG_7280 2

More to come…


Little girls

My nieces are in town! (So is my nephew, but he was running in circles so no picture at the moment.)



Quite the change from 8 years ago…

Tiny cousins!

Oh I mean also their parents. Miles adores Uncle Evan.


Well, his Apple watch, anyway.

2 years at Automattic!

Okay, I know I posted back in September that I’d been here for two years, but that was counting my trial. Today was the day I started as a full-time Happiness Engineer in 2013. It’s been an amazing time, with so many fantastic memories! Here are a few…

Yeah, that’s a lot of memories for two years. Can’t wait to make so many more! (And yes, we’re hiring.)

The last soccer game

Soccer is over! It was fine – not a huge time commitment, and the boys loved it. Well, unless they were losing. But whatever. I’m just glad it’s over because the mosquitoes were getting seriously dangerous and huge at practice. Stupid global warming.

Anyhoo, they did great! Well, Oliver wasn’t feeling well, so he didn’t play too much. But Miles and Linus both scored! More than once! So that was fun.

They got medals at the end.

Team pic!


and Grandee and Larry came to watch!


Until Spring, maybe? Only if they can still play in the recreational league. We’ll see.

Ten years + real life

Ten years ago today, George and I got married. Crazy. I wrote this post for the New Orleans Moms Blog, a letter to our younger selves. Check it out!


But life goes on. We already really celebrated in June, when we went to England, and we’re hoping to have our anniversary dinner on the cruise in a couple of weeks. May as well, we’ll have plenty of babysitters around!

Miles got sick on Friday, then Oliver on Tuesday, and today Linus woke up with a fever. This is the life I couldn’t have predicted ten years ago.

Happy anniversary, Georgie!

Kristie’s wedding

Kristie and I have been friends for a loooong time. We met in middle school and have been through a lot together. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding (ten years ago this week!) and I was so excited to get to see her get married last weekend.

As usual, she looked gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful, if rainy. Very rainy. George and the boys were supposed to come (I even got the boys cute bow ties) but Miles got sick on Friday, so they stayed home. Probably just as well, considering the weather. I did the reading and I didn’t fall down or mess up too badly, I don’t think.

Apologies if you’ve already seen most of these pictures on Facebook. I have a problem with adult beverages and social media. I need a breathalyzer that locks me out of FB when I’ve had too many drinks. Oy.

My first college roommate, Ann, the beautiful bride, and me
I made it my mission to win over Ann’s adorable daughter. I think it worked. She was very impressed I had a son named Linus.
Me and Renny!
The other person who wore a sparkly dress. We were fierce.
Renny and me and Kiki
Hey look! There’s Tim! I confess I may have imbibed a lot of French 75s at this point.
Amanda and Kristie. Cute. Like prom.
Me and Kristie. I got my dress from Rent the Runway. Loved it.
These pics were taken ten years (minus five days) apart! Aww!

Congrats to Kristie and Thomas! Yay love!

Triplets in New Orleans

I’m pretty excited to share this article I wrote for New Orleans Living magazine. I was going to wait until I could find a physical copy of the issue to share it, because the online version is just, you know, like a blog post. But after checking three shops this afternoon, I realized they have the PDF of the issue online. Woot!


But yes, it is easier to read online, so here’s a link to that version.

I don’t mention anyone by name here, but I think my friends Meredith and Alicia, and all of my lovely friends in our local triplet group will recognize themselves. (And most will know which doctor I mean, just by his description.)