Last day of second grade!

This year just flew by, didn’t it? I can’t believe the boys have been at their school for five years now. Seems crazy.

First day:


Last day:


Have they grown? Not noticeably. Have they changed? Uh yeah.  I love seeing the pristine shoes and backpacks from the first day. And look how tan their legs are from the summer. Oh, and we have a dog now, too.

Third grade, here we come!



Weekend and things

Had a lovely weekend. Went to Orange Theory Saturday morning, then took Oliver to Target to get a pair of pajamas (in theory they all have pajama day this week, but I haven’t actually heard anything about it from their teachers, but it’s not like he’s not going to wear his new pajamas that have the design of some YouTube dude he admires. [WTF, btw. A guy who makes YouTube videos has licensed stuff like pajamas. Also he has blue hair. That is not a coincidence.])


After the pajama trek, I went and drank wine in Heather’s backyard, and was in theory going to only be there for an hour or two but that turned into coming home at midnight. Ooops. So didn’t go to OTF on Sunday as planned. Instead, made these delicious chocolate chip cookies to bring to my cousin Lisa’s house.

Going to Lisa’s house is always fun. The boys love her boys (who are not really boys anymore, but legit grownups) and there’s always delicious food (some insane corn dip yesterday is something I need to eat every day except not really because it has mayo in it) and Lisa and her husband are super laid back, so it’s just nice.

FullSizeRender 13
They are very comfortable at Lisa’s. Maybe too comfortable.
Eli and the boys. Awww!

But the best part is they have a deck along the back of the house, which makes the perfect stage, so now you have to watch this play the boys put on. JK you only have to watch it if you’re related to us.

After the play, snowballs!


Want to talk a tiny bit more about OTF – I’ve been going a bit over a month now and it’s exciting because I can see muscles that were not there before! Today I was doing this arm exercise thingy, and I couldn’t take my eyes off some muscle, while sweat dripped down my nose. Tomorrow I have an appointment for an assessment with one of the trainers, and I really wish I’d done that before I started. But it’ll be interesting to see my progress from here on out.

Random cute picture of Miles and Ziggy:


It’s the last week of second grade! I can’t believe it. I’ll be glad not to have to do the drive to school every afternoon, but I don’t think I’m ready for third graders.

Three years ago

Facebook tells me I took this picture three years ago today. It was the end of school picnic, and Linus was a butterfly, I think? We still have those crepe paper wings stuck to the bathroom door.


Before they left for school this morning, I made them stand together in the same order. I couldn’t quite capture the joy of a spring evening in the park, though.


You’d almost think those were the same shorts Miles and Oliver are wearing, but they’re not. Ha!

Dancing boys!

Last year it was Miles, this year, Linus and Oliver got a turn to strut their stuff. And it was disgustingly adorable. I am writing this from beyond the grave, because it has killed me. RIP me.

Linus and his friends before:


Oliver and his buddies:


And now for the deadly part….

Oliver dances the merengue:

Linus’s turn to dance the merengue:

And now, Linus swing dances.

I’m truly sorry I made you watch this, because now your heart has exploded from all the cute. (At least if you’re an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.)

In between some of the kid dancing, there were demonstrations by grown ups. I want this lady’s legs.


When it was all over, time for prizes! Oliver’s class took home the gold!


and thank god for rewarding everyone, Linus’s class did as well!


Linus and Oliver and Diego pose with the trophy. Well, they try.


That’s better.



Small things

I totally stole my post title from Zandy.

Just some things to post.

Only thing better than snowballs on a hot, sunny day is bringing Ziggy to lick up the leftovers.


I did a race for charity (I didn’t run it, mostly walked it, hence no actual race report) on the levee by my house, and the boys and George (and Ziggy) came to the end. We decorated pink bras. Too bad you can’t see my beading and featherwork on mine. It was itchy lovely.

Later that day (this was last weekend) I took the boys to a crawfish boil. Yum. There were baby alligators. Not to eat.

They’ve also really enjoyed playing at dusk with the kids next door. The neighbor’s boys are 1 and 3 (almost 2 and 4) so it’s really quite sweet. Miles was disappointed one evening when they weren’t outside. Gah.

Also sweet, we went to the school piano recital the other night because Oliver’s BFF was in it. They listened to all of the music and after each (very short) song, they’d say, “wow, that was awesome!” or similar. Now Linus and Oliver claim to want to take piano next year. Hmm. Not sure how we’d manage that. We’ll see. I have a feeling they might be prodigies. You never know.

Speaking of, Oliver and Linus have their dance competition tonight. Remember Miles’s last year? Yes, stay tuned for more swing dancing and meringue by my boys.

And SPEAKING of boys…check out my latest New Orleans Moms Blog post.



Good stuff

Here are some good things:

Future lemons and also jasmine

I’m going to have SO MANY LEMONS at the end of the year! Also, my jasmine that I planted last year is growing nicely. I stopped by Home Depot the other day to get some more (trying to cover our fence for privacy) but they didn’t have any. Hmmph.


FullSizeRender 12.jpg
Need to get more in that orange zone, yall.

I’m still not dead. I’m starting my third week working out there and my legs definitely feel stronger. I’m not burning as many calories as I think I should be, but I also don’t know if I can work harder without dying. Oh well, keep on keepin’ on.

I do feel really great after the workouts, I have to say. Endorphins are real!

Doing fun stuff for good

Saturday, I’m doing two fun things for a good cause. In the morning, the Pink Bra Run, a 5K to benefit breast cancer. I ordered a hot pink sports bra to decorate (and wear over my clothes, dear god I’m not going to leave the house in just a sports bra)  and I’ll be doing it with my girls, so that’ll be fun.

Later, I’m taking the boys across the lake to a crawfish boil to benefit…something good. I should be ashamed that I don’t know exactly what it’s benefitting, but it’s crawfish! And I’ll get to see Ren!

Reading children

I allowed a production company to use the boys’ ultrasound video (that thing is really making the rounds) and since without them, I wouldn’t have an ultrasound video, I decided to spend the check I got on them. But not on video games. Instead, we went to Barnes and Noble and I let them get whatever they wanted without even looking at the prices. Miles picked out a novelization of The Jungle Book (yeah, I know that’s a book, but we flipped through it at the library, and, well, no, not yet), Oliver got The BFG, and Linus wanted Charlotte’s Web.


Also I’m happy with Costco Tires. I got a flat tire right as I pulled into the driveway the other day, and it only cost me $37 to replace it. On the other hand, I got a water bill for 4 times what it normally is, so…sigh.

Linus showing Daddy how to put the spare on

I know there are other things making me happy. My job, for one. Ziggy, also. Yeah, really! Seeing the boys interact with him makes everything else worth it. Wine also makes me happy. Snowballs on the way home from school. Good stuff.