15 years of blogging!

Well, 15 years and a few weeks.

I started it because I wanted to document that I was training for a marathon.

July 10, 2001

“…one day, driving back from the beach, I told Kristina I might want to try to run the London Marathon. The next day, I decided to do it.”

The first year or so of posts were written in monthly HTML documents that I would update and re-upload to my site. From what I can tell, I didn’t buy the domain pyjammy.com until March 2002, so I don’t remember where I hosted it before that. Maybe Geocities. Or Earthlink. Or Prodigy. Ha ha ha! No, seriously.

Anyway, here’s what it looked like in 2002:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.17.45 AM.png

Yeah, I had a splash page. Which was this huge graphic with mapped links. Soooo 2002.

At some point, I moved it to Blogger, I think. And then finally in 2008 I moved it to WordPress.com. The very same company I now work for! It was self-hosted for a while, and then in 2014 I moved it back here to WordPress.com, where it shall live forever.

This post will be the 3,619th post, which works out to 241 posts a year. Not too shabby!

On to the next 15!


Not that it would be that strange if I let the boys have mohawks, considering their other hair-related hijinks, but these are just shampoo mohawks. I figured if they were going to be playing outside with the hose, I may as well get them clean while we’re at it.


The Great Race!

Here it is, the film you’ve all been waiting for (I mean, since last Friday, at least.)


Who will explode in a fiery crash? Who will fall in a volcano? Who will lose their engine because of a ninja? Who will win!?!?

You have to watch and see…

Thanks to the Mini Art Center for such a fantastic week!


My favorite nephew and my sister got to Baton Rouge on Sunday and here’s a picture of Andrew to go along with the ones I took of his sister and cousins.


Can you believe he’s five? And starting kindergarten? I can’t. And I also couldn’t stop grabbing him and giving him kisses. He’s so sweet to put up with crazy Aunt Pam. ❤



Pokémon hunting

Who knew, that hunting for Pokémon would make for such great pictures? The boys and I are spending the weekend in Baton Rouge with Emily and my mom and Larry. My sister will be here on Sunday with Andrew, so I expect I’ll corner that little one for pics when he gets here.

I’m just waiting for some photographer to come out with a “Pokémon Go Photo Session.” Maybe this is how I can make my millions.

And then I made them all stand for a sec in the golden late afternoon light for individual pics.

Emily, her mother’s daughter for sure
Oliver, pre-teen in training




A week at art camp

For a change of pace, I signed the boys up for a different camp this week. It was at a little studio in our neighborhood called the Mini Art Center. We really enjoyed walking the six blocks to camp every morning (Ziggy accompanied us and he probably enjoyed the walk most of all) but thanks to typical NOLA summer, weather, walking home didn’t work out so well.


(We got completely drenched on Tuesday.)

The theme of this week’s camp was cut out animation, and all week the whole class of ten kids worked on a film together. This afternoon we got to go watch the (almost) finished product. Next week we’ll get a finished video that I can post, but in the meantime, here are a few pics from today:


Uncle Evan, watch out!


The Europe post really took it out of me for blogging. Whew. But now I can talk about other stuff.

Like how I went to the gym the day after I got home (so proud of that) and afterwards, stepped off a curb wrong, sprained my foot and shattered my phone screen. Winning!

At least it was just a sprain, but it won me a couple of weeks in a boot that the boys are insanely jealous of. (They call it my robot foot.)

Actually, I haven’t been wearing it much. My foot feels a lot better now. Probably didn’t even need to go to the orthopedist. Oh well. At least now I have a cool robot foot costume.


I also went to a fun costume party for my friends’ birthdays. It was superhero themed. I was Super Ute.

The fourth was Monday (in case you missed it) and we went to our friend’s house and then watched fireworks. As one does on the fourth of July.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on WordCamp NOLA, which is coming up really soon. Ack! If you’re interested, buy a ticket or sponsor us! Please, so I can sleep at night.

Last night I took the boys to meet a coworker for dinner at Pizza Delicious (and yes, it lived up to its name) and then we finally got to check out Crescent Park. There’s this insane bridge you have to cross to get over the railroad tracks. The boys were quite taken with the park when we got to the other side.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for now. Taking the boys to see The BFG this afternoon after camp (Oliver finally finished reading it) so I’d better get some more work done.



Month 103


Yep, Linus is back to brown. And Oliver was supposed to be, but when I saw his lip quiver after I pulled the box of brown dye out, I just couldn’t do it. I gave him a boost of blue instead, but the understanding that in a few weeks, it’s back to brown. (And Linus’s is too light, I need to fix that too.)

Anyway, happy Fourth of July!

11 days in Europe

Okay, I need to just get this written before I forget everything.

For a good recap of Spain, read Erica’s post here.

Friday morning

Arrived in Barcelona, after a flight with no sleep. I tried. I really tried. At least I got to catch up on some movies.

Had my first jamon sandwich, then met Erica at the airport (her flight arrived not long after mine) and we headed into town to drop off our luggage at a locker, and then we just wandered around until our Airbnb was available.

Many, many photos from that day are in this post.

Walked through the Gothic Quarter, made our way through a path of what felt like miles of blankets covered in fake Michael Kors handbags, “Nike” sneakers, and sunglasses. Finally got to the beach! Put toes in Mediterranean!

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