A magic show

Four days in to their new obsession. Still going strong-ish. They even asked me to get them some Bicycle cards. Like, they know the brands now. So we went to Walmart after school yesterday so they could replace the free promotional decks I’d given them.

There was a sign. (At least now they’re combining their drawing and magic obsessions!)


And tickets. And a pass. Not sure what the difference is. (Dog hair optional.)


Oliver started the show with a card trick.


Then Miles wowed us with his.

Oliver then switched things up by REMOVING HIS THUMB! And then PUTTING IT BACK ON!!!! (there was no blood, thank goodness.)


Since he again had both thumbs, he was able to show us this card trick:

Next up was Linus! His trick had something to do with 10s?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was thoroughly charmed. Bravo! (Linus declined to bow for his fans.)



The boys went from being obsessed with drawing comics last week to magic this week. (I do hope they go back to the drawing thing because I bought them sketchpads and nice pencils and stuff.)

Anyway, you want to see them do some magic tricks? Please keep in mind they’ve been doing magic tricks for less than a week. So cut them slack. And they’re 8.


In the midst of all the hair dying this weekend, I let the boys take a bath (instead of the usual shower.) And I ended up taking a sort of update to my favorite picture ever.





Apologies in advance

I want to say I’m sorry to all of the boys’ teachers, friends, grandparents, cousins, etc.

Miles, Oliver, Linus

Spent the weekend doing a bit of a switcheroo on the ol’ hair colors. So now you need to remember:

– Miles is white-blond-pink-cotton candy
– Oliver is deep purply blue
– Linus is aqua blue

The main issue is that Linus’s hair is the exact color Oliver’s was before. We may end up adding some green to it at some point. I imagine after Linus comes home from school tomorrow after being called “Oliver” fifty jillion times, it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

Here it is, the massive, picture-heavy post recapping our big yearly company meetup. This year (and I hope next year and beyond) it took place in Whistler, British Columbia. What a gorgeous setting! Getting there wasn’t my favorite (mostly because of the two-plus hour bus ride from the Vancouver airport) but once we were there, it was fantastic.

The first day was our team day, so I spent the first half with the hiring team, and the second half with all of Happiness.

Beckett and I got up early one morning and went for a run around a 3.5 mile loop. It was hilly (mountainous, even, for this NOLA girl) and I almost ran all of it. Except for a few steep uphills. I wish I had better photos of the route, but they’re all blurry.

We spent time over the next few days in classes, and I didn’t really take pictures there. But here are a bunch of pretty pictures of Whistler Village:

The whole company took a pic. See if you can find me!


On our activity day, I went up the mountain in a gondola with a few others. It was terrifying and fun and awesome and gorgeous. We hiked a bit, saw some snow, rode a chairlift into a cloud, and saw a giant rainbow. Good stuff.

Video of the chairlift up. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful. Except when I was shrieking in terror. (Kidding.)

The chairlift down looked WAY scarier, but because we couldn’t see anything, it was okay! I took a time lapse video of it:

More pics on a mountain:

The weather was so random, as you can see from those photos. Turn one way, and it would be cloudy and gray, and in another direction, sunny and blue.

After the chairlift, we took the peak-to-peak gondola between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. It was pretty crazy.

One day I had some free time and spent it hiking with some friends. We went to Lost Lake, and I don’t think we found the path with the incredible views everyone else got, but it was a lovely hike and I did get some nice pics.

Does it chap my hide that my favorite pic was taken with my iPhone? Maybe a bit.

Ahhhhh. Nice.

The WWWP5K was Monday morning, and it was on the same path that Beckett and I ran a few days before. The distance was a bit vague, but we ran straight for 37 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING AND ON HILLS AND STUFF so I figure we covered at least 3.1 miles. I guess Orange Theory works after all, eh? I haven’t really run distances in a while, so I was very pleased about this.

Proud of those feet.

Okay, one more batch of pics from our closing party. I was wise this year and didn’t stay up until 4am the night before, so I was able to enjoy it a bit more.

My beautiful be-wigged team.

But not too much, as I had to be up at 3am to catch the bus back to Vancouver, and then fly home for a zillion hours (whyever United thinks a layover in Newark between Vancouver and NOLA is a good idea, I’ll never know.)

First meal in Canada, last meal in Canada.


Finally made it home at 10:30pm, to many, many, many hugs from my boys. Here’s what Oliver drew before I got home. (RIP me.)


Until next year!

Rock n Roll Miles

I took the boys to an epic birthday party this morning. It was at a local movie theater where they watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Party on, dudes!


Month 105


Due to inclement weather, we had to take this month’s picture inside. And due to our small living room, the proportions of this picture are a bit off as well.

How did I get those smiles, you might ask? I just pulled out my old trick from when they were toddlers and yelled, “POOP!” Worked like a charm.

Also, they look a lot more alike in black and white.


Thursday thirteen

Man, couldn’t we have any numbers lower than thirteen that start with “th”? Maybe I should save this for tomorrow so I only have to come up with four things to say. Or maybe I don’t have to have alliterative post titles. Hmm.

However, it has been a while since I’ve posted, so I shall try to come up with thirteen things.

  1. Third grade is going well so far. The boys all like their teachers and when I pick them up, are in good spirits. Woo!
  2. Speaking of school, we now have five kids in carpool! Ann Francis started preK-4 this year and I love having her in the car. She is so dang cute, I can hardly stand it. And she calls me Pammy and it’s freaking adorable. Gah. img_3052
  3. Took the boys to see two movies last weekend. Kubo and the Two Strings and Pete’s Dragon. Kubo was fantastic and Pete’s Dragon (or Elliot’s Human, as the boys called it) was good, but suffered by comparison. We all decided we should have seen Pete’s Dragon first, then it would have seemed better.
  4. Two weeks until I head to Whister, BC for my week-long company-wide work trip. So excited to see all of my coworkers and to work together in person and all that good stuff.
  5. I volunteered to be a room mom in Miles’s class. Figured it was time to give back a little.
  6. I had to pick up Oliver from school early today for the second time this week. Back to school germs suck.
  7. Last weekend was the fourth annual New Orleans Moms Blog Mom’s Night Out. My hair looked great. It was a wedding theme, so I had the hair people put my wedding hair clips in. Aw!img_3082
  8. I really need some new brown boots and am having the eternal struggle – buy cheap and toss them after winter’s over (like I do every year) or buy quality for once? The problem is, apparently only people with thin calves want nice boots because even the “wide calf” versions are too small for my, ahem, athletic calves. Boo.
  9. We got to play with tiny puppies and now the boys are convinced Ziggy needs a friend. I am not convinced at all, but dang, those puppies were adorable! img_3040
  10. My hair is finally getting longer. And look at this great necklace I got from my friend Bea! Proceeds went to a family she knows who lost everything in the floods.IMG_3062
  11. Carpool chaos. Don’t worry, we weren’t moving.img_3051
  12. Miles as a troll.img_3069
  13. I’m all about puppies this week. IMG_3074

I did it! 13 things!