Old school pics

Well that’s a misleading title, since we were just talking about school stuff yesterday. But no, what I mean is that I finally pulled out my old film camera and put some dang film in it and took some dang pics and got them developed. Finally! (As you can see, I’ve intended to do this for over four years now…yikes.) What prompted me after all this time was seeing some pics my friend Wendy took with a film camera.

It’s been so long I can’t remember why I never actually just, you know, did it. Turns out, the camera worked fine! The battery was even still good, the focus was fine, nothing weird or unexpected.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time taking pics, I just kind of wanted to blow through the roll and make sure it actually worked. But here are the results! (Note: these were scanned by the lab I used, and were not touched at all.)

Check out the bokeh!
More Ziggy.
And more Ziggy. Grainy.
Not a selfie!

Last day of third grade!

Got the whole carpool crew in this one:

and of course this must be compared with a “first day of third grade” pic:


Definitely some height and hair color differences there.

And just because I can’t not, the very first day they started at their school, back in preK-3:



Oliver knows me

Oliver brought home his English writing journal today and it is FULL of gems. This is my favorite, because it’s about me. Heh.


Mom Quiz

  1. My mom’s best friend is Kiki. (true.)
  2. My mom’s favorite restaurant is The Irish House. (I do love to eat there.)
  3. My mom’s favorite TV show is “Friends.” (definitely one of my favorites)
  4. My mom always says “!#$@.” (true)
  5. My mom loves when I practice guitar. (true, considering how much money those lessons cost me)
  6. I love when my mom cooks rice. (sigh)
  7. I like when my mom wears her pretty gray dress. (well I’m going to wear that dress every day now!)


We planted these jasmine vines a few years ago.

And they are thick on the gate.

So even while I curse the latch that sticks,

I enjoy the sweet smell of jasmine. Makes it not so bad.

Betcha didn’t know I was so poetic, did ya?

It’s been a while

(Kiki and I can’t say that to each other without kind of sing/growling it like that song. Now you won’t be able to either, if you could before. Sorry.)

Not a whole heck of a lot has been going on. Everyone is fairly healthy, though there is still coughing happening. But not as bad. Also I am probably deaf to it now.

I did a 5K on Saturday for a local breast cancer charity. That was fun. I didn’t do it for time or anything, hence no race report.

Oh, and that evening the boys’ school had a fundraiser at the amusement park at City Park, and that was a lot of fun. I rode the Ladybug roller coaster three times in a row. (It’s very mild.)

Video proof of my kids getting older:

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day, but also George’s birthday. So my usual plans of spending the whole day alone were kind of shot. I went to Orangetheory in the morning, and then did some errands, and was going to go to a movie (with George’s blessing, I’m not a monster, you know I love birthdays, but he doesn’t really care as much) but I got home too late. Boo! But I had a few cocktails at the pub and then went home and cooked some steak. Yum!

Oh right, on Saturday (man that was a busy day), the boys’ friend Diego came over. When his mom came to pick me up, she gave me a dozen roses! What?!?! So sweet!


Also, Ziggy got a new bone.


Yep, real exciting stuff around these parts.

113 months

You can tell the school year is almost over. Miles is wearing two different shoes, Oliver has black pants instead of navy, and you can almost see Linus’s toes through his shoes. But by god, we are almost to the end of third grade!

Some outtakes: