One month old!

One Month!

The boys are one month old today. Can you believe it? Not me! Well, sometimes I can’t believe it’s already been a month. And sometimes it feels like much, much longer.

I’m going to try to take pictures of them every month on their month-birthday, so here’s the first one: (not easy when they can’t sit up!)




Two months old!

Two months old!

The boys turned two months old on Monday, but with all of the Mardi Gras stuff going on, I didn’t have time to post. Teresa and I took Oliver (randomly picked child) to the French Quarter. It was fun, and he was an angel. Only woke up to eat, and didn’t cry ever. I just wanted to feel like a normal mom with one baby. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, here are some pics of the boys on their two month birthday:

Poor Linus, getting pushed around by his brothers…

Sweet sleeping (random) baby:

3 months old!

Yesterday the boys turned three months old. Three months?!? Where has the time gone? Seriously. I have a feeling I’ve said that every month and that I will continue to do so…

At their ped visit, their stats were:

Linus:  12 lbs, 14.5 oz (25-50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Oliver: 13 lbs, 5 oz (50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Miles: 12 lbs, 7.5 oz (25th percentile); 22.75″ long (10th percentile)

So Oliver’s still my chunk, and Miles is still my runt.  The doctor eased my worries about their development (I think I’m just paranoid about it, and have to continually remind myself that while physically, they’re normal for their age, developmentally we have to go by their adjusted age.) and said they’re healthy boys. They got two shots each, and handled them pretty well.

Let’s see…what can I say about them?

– Eating up to 6 oz at a feeding, but mostly 3-4 at a time.
– Sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch in the late evening, but for the most part, still eating every 3 hours during the night. Ugh.
– We’re getting pretty decent smiles out of all of them, but it’s still pretty sporadic. Better than nothing.
– They make the cutest “gaah” and “oooooh” and “awww” sounds. Kills me.
– They don’t poop nearly as much as they used to. Whew!

On a related note, I sent my MFM a birth announcement and a note saying how grateful I was to him and his staff for getting my boys to me so healthy. Today I got a note in the mail from him. I was almost in tears reading it.

“Pam –
Thanks for the pictures and the nice words. Your boys are beautiful. You did more than any of us to get them here safely.
Miracles are possible – AR”

Sniff, sniff. See why I loved him?




Also, did anyone see the article about the identical triplets in NY? It’s kind of annoying, because where the heck was my news conference? Heh. For the record, no, I still haven’t found out if they’re identical. So when I do find out, then do I get to be famous? Hee!


Four months old!

Yeah, no duh, that was 11 days ago! Well, I’ve been busy. So there. And their ped appointment was on the 11th, so I didn’t want to post before then anyway. Geez, get off my back!


First, the cuteness:
4 months old!

The stats:

Linus: 14#9.5oz (50th); 25″ long (50th); HC 41.5cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 14#11oz (50th); 24.5″ long (25-50th); HC 43.5cm (50-75th)
Miles: 13#15oz (25-50th); 24.25″ long (25-50th); HC 42cm (50th)

To compare, at 3 months:
Linus: 12 lbs, 14.5 oz (25-50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)
Oliver: 13 lbs, 5 oz (50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)
Miles: 12 lbs, 7.5 oz (25th percentile); 22.75″ long (10th percentile)

So they’re growing, yes indeed!

I’d love to make a longer post about how they’re doing, but I’ll have to save that for later. Right now a baby is crying, I need to finish my coffee and get them ready for school. 🙂

5 months old!

5 months old!, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Happy five months, boys! I’ll update with a more detailed post later in the week, when they have their 5 month visit with the pediatrician.

7 months old!

7 months old!, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Happy seven months to the boys! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. Before you know it, we’ll be planning their first birthday party. At which time they’ll be mobile. Gulp!

I’ll update with their stats after their 7 month pediatrician appointment next week. My boys are getting so big!

8 months old!

Happy 8 months, my baby boys!

They are doing so much now! Miles and Oliver are getting up on all fours – gulp! Linus has gotten pretty good at scootching around on his belly, and I saw Miles covering some ground this morning too. Eep! Mobility is getting closer! We’re working on switching some rooms around so that they can have our current bedroom as their playroom, which will be a lot safer than any other option. That’ll be fun!

We’ve also introduced the sippy cup and puffs, neither of which is a big hit yet. They’re not quite sure what to do with the cup, and the puffs make them puzzled and confused. Hee!

They’re wearing size 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. They eat 2-3 solid “meals” a day and 4-5 bottles. They’re sleeping 12 hours at night, with only the occasional wakeup that requires a pat on the back or a pacifier replacement.

Oliver took his first plane ride this month, and all three boys have now slept away from Mommy and Daddy at their paternal grandparent’s house. My mom just needs to take them overnight now, heh heh! (Though Linus and Miles have spent the night there too without me.)

No idea on their weight or lengths – we don’t go back to the pediatrician until next month.

11 months old!

In honor of Election Day falling on the same day as the boys’ 11 month birthday, we put them in red, white, and blue for their picture. Aw!

I don’t have stats on all of them this month, just Miles since I had to take him to the ped yesterday for an ear infection. He weighs 19 lbs, 3 oz (up 2 lbs since last month, thank God.) So I am guessing the other two are around 20 lbs. Wow!

11 months old!

Let’s see, what are they up to right now?

– They are all crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.
– They babble all the time. “Dadadadada” is v popular, but fortunately, so is “mmmmaaaamamamama” too. Not that they’re talking to us, but it’s still sweet to hear. “Ga” and “ba” are also popular.
– Teeth! Lots of teeth. They all have their two bottom teeth, and I think they are all getting in four top teeth too. None of those are completely in yet, though. But they’re getting there.
– They’re eating well. Since last month’s weight loss, we added back another bottle to make sure they were getting enough calories. That worked! So in addition to four bottles a day, they’re eating three good solid meals and a ton of Cheerios. What is it with babies and Cheerios, for real?
– They have also demonstrated their love for cake, chicken, pasta, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, blueberry muffins, and yogurt. Actually, pretty much anything. I want to continue giving them new and different foods, and so far, they don’t seem to be too picky. Yet.
– I don’t think they’re going to be walking by their birthday (whew!) but I do think they probably will be by their adjusted birthday (January 20th). Miles was standing the other day, and let go of what he was holding on to (me) and wobbled for a few seconds. Ack!
– We had some sickies this month. A week of diarrhea (blech) and Miles had a bad ear infection this past weekend. If I recall, we had them at the beginning of the month too. Ugh. All these EIs just run together…

Happy 11 months, boys, I cannot believe you’re going to be one in a month.

And Happy Birthday to Chloe! She is one today! Hurrah!