Five years of posts

Not here, silly. But I’ve been posted over at the New Orleans Moms Blog for five years, and I was thinking about some of the posts I’ve written in that time, and how things have changed in some ways, and how they really haven’t in others. Go check it out!


(And look how much the boys have grown in that time!)

No more contacts! (Need some?)

Today is the last day I will ever wear contact lenses. Hopefully. Certainly these contact lenses.

My LASIK procedure is in three weeks, and I have to stop wearing my lenses today to prep for it. And I have five pairs left. So I thought I’d post the prescription here on the very very very off chance that someone here wears the same type and prescription. If they work for you, you can have them.

They’re Biofinity Toric lenses (for astigmatism) with these prescriptions:
Photo Sep 28, 12 10 16 PM

I am also more than happy to send them to a charity, if there is one that accepts contact lenses. So please let me know if you know of one. Googling wasn’t a ton of help.

Please share this with anyone that might be able to use these.

Some little things

I originally posted yesterday’s monthly pic with the caption “70th monthly pic,” because apparently math is challenging. It is really the 80th. Crazy.

I didn’t take a single photo on Sunday. 365 project fail.

The boys say “handcups” and “lemontimes” instead of “handcuffs” and “clementines,” which, for the record, Oliver tried yesterday.

Oh, remembered one more. Instead of “versus” they’ll say something like “Miles is reversing Donkey Kong in Mario Kart.”