Turns out Millie and Linus played a trick on me and hid my camera in his bag. Whew!

I didn’t get many good pics on Sunday anyway, but this video of Linus doing a flip underwater is fun. Nice, eh?


The boys got this awesome new machine the other day, it’s called MEGAFIST™.  Here’s a demonstration of how it works:

I’ll admit, sometimes it’s buggy and will switch into MEGAHUGZ™ mode without warning. Or even more ominously, MEGATICKLE™. You gotta be careful with technology.

We are kind of evil.

I mean, we got the boys’ the gifts they have been wanting for months. But I had to make it fun for us too…

It is kind of heartbreakingly sweet how much they pretended to love their t-shirts and pajamas. You should have seen the dejection on their faces when they thought that’s all they were getting.

And then when they thought they were getting Lego sets they already had…

But I got tons of hugs after they got down to the real presents, and I was so proud that they didn’t whine or complain, but instead tried to make the most of lame gifts.

Super tough job I have

It may not be totally obvious from the photos I’ve already posted, but my trip to Playa del Carmen was for work. We were there to learn what tools other Happiness Engineers use while working, and developed resources for our colleagues to learn more about those tools. But it’s not like sitting around laptops makes for scintillating photos. Nevertheless, I made a video recapping our week.