December 17, 2001

Fun weekend in Houston! Kristina and I drove in Friday evening (after my lunch…yummm…I had too many Cosmopolitans) and went to see my friend Mike’s band play. Saturday, we got up and went for what we thought was going to be a 5 mile run. I had asked Mike the night before for a 5 mile route, and he gave me what he said was slightly over 5 miles, but actually, when we drove it, was just four. However, the path was curvier than the road, so I think it made it more like 4.25 miles. Or something. It took us just under an hour, and I know we weren’t running 15 minute miles, so it had to be more than just 4 miles. Anyway, a four-miler isn’t bad, neither of us were disappointed that we ran that far. It was easy.

This morning, I ran at the park alone, because Kristina went out last night after we got in from Houston. It was very humid and pretty warm so I just went around the park once. (I don’t feel safe doing the whole fly loop alone, it’s very secluded and there are usually cars parked in the parking spaces along the road, with strange men in them. Hmmmm….) I did run it pretty fast (21 minutes) so I’ll consider this my speedwork run. 😀 I think I may use one of my short runs per week as a speedwork run, maybe run it at a faster pace than usual. We’ll see.