Our trip to Orange Beach (2014 version)

Two years ago, between camp ending and school starting, Kiki and I brought the boys to the beach for a few days. We stay at this amazing resort called the Caribe. There are a dozen pools and a lazy river. What else could you need? The condos are gorgeous and huge (the one we stayed in this time is way bigger than my house) and the beach isn’t too far away.

This year was even better than 2012’s trip because now the boys can swim! Well, I mean, they’re still working on it, but they improved so much over the course of our four days, it’s incredible.

They weren’t even a little bit scared of the waterslides this time. But floaties made me feel better about the whole thing.

We went to an outdoor restaurant for burgers. Linus and Miles gobbled theirs up. Oliver wasn’t so sure. Sigh.

And then afterwards, they played in the sand for a bit, which involved some Pokemon battles.

Went to the beach Thursday. I really don’t love the beach if there aren’t chairs with umbrellas and waiters bringing you frozen beverages. Hmm. I miss Playa del Carmen.

Miles being Miles

Love these!

PS These pictures are totally counting as my 365 pics for August 6 and 7.

365 in 2014: 08/01/14


Took some pictures of my friend’s newborn baby girl (her second in 15 months!) and this was one of my favorites. So sweet!

365 in 2014: 07/28/14


I’m in the midst of some serious purging. The kitchen is done, and now I’m focused on the dining room/bike storage area. Chris is building us a huge storage bench and shelves, and we’re getting rid of furniture left and right. It feels goooood.

365 in 2014: 07/27/14


Went to visit my friend Amelia’s sweet tiny new baby girl in the hospital. I’ll be taking better photos of her soon (like I did for her big sis just 15 months ago!) but this one’s pretty dang sweet.

365 in 2014: 07/22/14

Photo Jul 22, 6 50 58 PM

At least he tried it? Bless his heart, he pretended for a few days to love cheeseburgers, but he could only keep the act up for so long.