Monthly photos

That’s a photo of the boys on the fourth of every month since December 4, 2007. To see all of the blog posts associated with these photos, click here.

0 – 12 months

13 – 24 months

25 – 36 months

37 – 48 months

49 – 60 months

61 – 72 months

73 – 84 months

85 – 96 months

97 – 108 months

109 – 120 months

121 – 132 months

133 months – 144 months

145 – present

41 thoughts on “Monthly photos

  1. Saw your monthly photos mentioned on Ohdeedoh and had to look at all of them. Your boys are beautiful and the photos priceless.


  2. It seems they have changed in 1 month from toddlers to little boys. I can’t wait to have all my grandchildren together in August at Andrew’s Christening.


  3. ok i dont mean this to sound weird/mean or anything, but how can you tell them part? I know there has to be a way, but i must be not that observant to pick up on. anyways, these photos are absolutely adorable. i love them so much!!


  4. I just came across your blog. What a hard but fun adventure to raise three boys that are all the same age! I love the monthly photo shoot idea. It’s fun to see them change from month-to-month.


  5. I think your boys are adorable and a huge blessing! And you have the greatest, most creative and comical clothing styles. I love their age shirts for their birthdays and i absolutely ADORE the rock, paper, scissor shirts!


  6. Have to say how the years have gone.
    I remember the day when your husband first told us, you and him had identical boy triplets.
    Through all the months, years, and photos I have only seen George a few times, try to get him more in the pictures when you and the kids do special events. Also make sure he smiles.


  7. Wow! These photos are precious! I have a friend with identical triplet boys. I helped her when they first came home and know how hard it is. I have to hand it to you for taking photos each month:-) Came over from I Heart Faces.


  8. Wow! great job Pam! I have always wanted to do something like this but never got it started. Would it be too late to start at 19 years and 6 months?


  9. […] mom of identical triplet boys took their pictures every month for 5 years! We have triplet nephews and I know I had a hard enough time taking monthly photos of one so I can imagine the effort this took… Monthly photos | pyjammy's tripletspyjammy's triplets […]


  10. Love these! Especially since I have a daughter who was born December 5th, 2007; makes it even cooler to see.


  11. Dear Mom,

    Someone is using your babies photos as another person.

    I think this girl is sick.

    She is brasilian, and said their are her babies, change their names for Miguel, Pedro and Matheus, and she post pics in her facebook.

    She said her name is Ana Rech (, but a friend discover she is fake, and use another girl profile picture.

    See some pics she posted on her facebook.

    If you need help just let me know.



      1. Yes! I think she was afraid, coz many people start to complain.
        Congrats for the boys! They are very handsome!


  12. Hey, I’m not exactly sure if you are open to suggestions about their monthly pictures, but, I have a suggestion 🙂 Maybe you could have the boys take pics of themselves and put the pictures next to each other to create one monthly pic. Or maybe you could get those mini chalkboards and have them write their names on them and hold them up while you take a pic? Orrr, stand up on an elevated surface (later or something?) and have them in a circle and take a pic over them?


  13. To God alone be all the glory. I desire such gift and am believing my God for such a wonderful experience, its really a bundle of joy, thanks and congrats mum.You are super blessed,lol


  14. These are absolutely gorgeous photos, I hope you are able to keep them going as the boys get older. It’ll be such a nice thing for them to look back on when they’re older 🙂


  15. I’m not sure if you’re still at it, but I just came across it and I love it. If you’ve continued, I’d love to see how much they’ve changed into almost teenagers!
    Had every intention of doing the same.. but I am not as together as I’d like!
    I do have a picture of my son (2) from every single day of his life, at least up to 13 months. I have to go through the rest? To make sure..
    Anyway, I was looking through them & thinking ‘looks like their weather changes as often as ours does’ – then I saw “Mardi Gras”.. and thought ‘maybe just fans? Or perhaps she lived here once upon a time. Then, I saw the one at Audubon!


  16. When I first found out I was having triplets (Sept. 2012) I immediately started looking for blogs from parents of multiples. Yours was the first I came to. My FAVORITE part was seeing the monthly pictures of your boys. My GBB triplets will be 7 at the end of this month and thanks to your idea I now have a picture of my kiddos from every month sitting in the same red chair from our playroom. As long as they are all under my roof, we will continue the pictures! 😊


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