Skirt number 3

(Skirt number 2 didn’t merit a post.)

One day I’ll blog about something else, but not today.


Pattern came from here. And now I never want to sew knits again. It was so slithery and hard to cut. And you definitely can’t look too closely at the hem or the waistband or anything, really. But since it’s so drapey you can’t see the mistakes. So that’s a win!



I’m a ballerina!


PJs galore

Ok, I’m getting really good at making pajama pants.

Linus got pandas and Miles got a London print. I made my first grown up pair too, but I’ll post those later…

Random stuff (and I made another thing!)

Okay, I’m deep into this sewing obsession (it won’t last forever, don’t worry) but I don’t want to only blog about things I sew, so I’ll combine it with other stuff I need to blog about.

The boys are now playing soccer, and aren’t taking guitar lessons any longer. Deja vu to two years ago – Linus wanted to sign up for soccer, so I did, happy that he wanted to do it by himself. And the other two went to a game and of course then wanted to play as well. So now all three are playing soccer again. Linus had his first game on Saturday and they won. I took a bunch of pictures, of course.

A while back, Linus and I were on a very short segment on the morning news about a toy (on behalf of the moms blog) and I never blogged about it because there’s no clip of it online (thank god), only terrible photos of the screen my brother posted on social media. Sigh. One such gem:



Very simple pajama pants for Oliver (whales again!) and I can tell you now, my next project is two more pairs (in other fabrics.) He was ecstatic. 🙂


It’s mid-February but I think spring is here now. Sigh. I hate spring. Except for this.

Look what I made!

There’s a long story behind why I decided to take up a new hobby, and hey, this is my blog, so I’ll tell it now.

I’ve already mentioned the boys’ Pixar obsession. So Oliver wanted an Incredibles pillowcase, but since that movie came out 14 years ago (what?!?) it’s not like you can just buy one. And then, we were at Joann buying stuff for our Mardi Gras costumes and the woman behind the counter was talking about how they have a sewing class for kids where they make a pillowcase. So then I thought, Oliver could make an Incredibles pillowcase! (But of course there isn’t Incredibles fabric so that wouldn’t work but by that point I was down the sewing rabbit hole and in the end I just bought him a pillowcase on eBay.)

I posted on FB for simple sewing machine recs for beginners, and got some great advice, but my mom reminded me that I had her sewing machine, an old Swiss beast from the 70s. I mean, I hadn’t forgotten, but it seemed so complicated and surely it didn’t work anymore, and I’d tried to use it and it was a mess and blah I just want something shiny and new.


But I pulled out the old Elna and dusted it off and plugged it in and, you know, actually read the instructions booklet, and voila! It worked fine.

And man, the memories. My mom used to sew clothes for us, and everything about that machine brought me back to my childhood. Turning on the light. The pedal. How you had to turn the flywheel to bring the thread thingy (need to look at the manual again) up to the top before you raised the foot and pulled out the fabric. The knobs that seemed so mysterious then, but after, you know, reading the manual, kind of make sense. (Another reason I wanted a new machine – all the dials and settings and whatnot on this one terrified me.)

I signed up for a beginner class at Joann in a couple of weeks, but I was getting antsy so I went to Joann and picked out a simple skirt pattern on the advice of some friends. The boys helped me pick out fabric. Going through the aisle buying supplies created another wave of nostalgia. (My mom laying out fabric and patterns on the dining room table, the pads down to protect the surface. Her special left-handed scissors. The little wheel she used to mark the patterns and oh! transfer paper! That’s right!)

Last night, I was itching to get started on my skirt, so I did it! I just did it! I made a skirt! Of course, I screwed up – accidentally sewed the casing for the elastic with half of the wrong side showing, so I had to rip that out and start over. The seams are not quite as straight as they could be. I’m sure the hem is totally catty-whompus. I can’t tell what’s the back and the side of the skirt, and it feels a little backwards or something. But I’m ready to start on my next one already! And what’s next? How about pajama pants? That might be a little ambitious. Hmm.


Project Runway, here I come!

PS Any tips on great websites for patterns and fabric and blogs to read are welcome! Turns out the patterns you buy at Joann aren’t vanity sized and I had to make the largest size in the plus size pattern – I mean come on. I’m not a tiny woman, but seriously?

The rest of Mardi Gras 2018

More pics from Fat Tuesday, plus our neighborhood parade on Saturday, NOMTOC, which was also NORMTOC because Norm just turned 70 so we made shirts.

And on Mardi Gras day, we costumed in a Pixar theme (I really should talk about how amazing I am for pulling this together the night before, after going to a million different stores and crafting late into the evening) and walked down to watch St. Anne’s in the Marigny (a walking parade that has most excellent people-watching) and then tried to catch the end of Rex but it was too crowded and we were all exhausted. But it was fun.

My goal in life is to one day do a group costume with friends that involves a dance we get to perform in the middle of the street, like these people.

Well, until next year…


I got a shoe!!!

Last night was Muses, a woman’s only krewe (sort of like the one I rode in last year but fancier and the original woman’s only krewe and probably no one would like me comparing the two, but, you know, it is what it is.) Oliver and Linus came with me and we met up with a bunch of friends on the route.

Some random pics…


I made a sign ahead of time – just in case I saw the Muse who was at the My Favorite Murder show last month.

And it worked!!! I saw her and got this beautiful shoe!


If you’re wondering what’s the deal with the shoe, read this post I wrote last year: Mardi Gras – what does it all mean?

My friend Jenn works for the founder of Muses, so after the parade, once the kids were tucked in bed, we headed back out and went to the Muses after-party. So fun! Open bar (I only indulged in a couple few, I swear) and food from Jacque-Imos and music by Sheila E and lots of fun people-watching. Didn’t get home until 2am! What a rock star.



10 years, 2 months

I almost forgot today’s picture (gasp!) Between Mardi Gras and three sick children, it just slipped my mind until this evening, when Miles reminded me. So that’s partly why the picture was taken in the living room instead of outside. But I may have changed the location anyway since no one really felt like doing much today anyway.

Look at those rosy cheeks…

As of right this moment, they seem to be on the mend, but after battling vomit, asthma, ear infections, congestion, coughing, headaches, and fever for the last week, I just give up.