Four years at Automattic!

Well, you know I love an anniversary. But this is a big one! No, for real this time. After you’ve been at Automattic for four years, you get a new custom laptop with a lit up W (or Jetpack logo, or Automattic logo. I went with the W.) It’ll be a while before I actually get it, since it’s custom made and all that, but it’ll be worth the wait.

And next year is even better – a three month paid sabbatical after five years! I have already started planning how I’m going to use my time (organizing every inch of the house, rocking NICU babies, cooking a lot, you know, the usual.)

I was thinking about how Automattic has changed since I started. We have stats for everything, and I found this one:

You started on 2013-11-18. Of the 632 other Automatticians, 166 (26.3%) started before you, 2 (0.3%) started on the same day, and 464 (73.4%) started after you.

Wow! Yeah, we’ve grown quite a bit in the last four years. (And I hired 38 of those!)

I think there were about 45 Happiness Engineers when I started, and now there are over 200. We hadn’t yet acquired WooCommerce, Calypso wasn’t a thing, heck, we were barely offering live chat to our customers! Now users with the Business plan can upload themes and plugins! (Trust me, this is huge.)

I have traveled to at least 18 cities in the last four years for work – from Dayton to Auckland. I’ve been up mountains and dipped my toes in the sea. I’ve seen the sun rise in Utah and in Spain. Okay, I’ll stop being poetic now.

I’ve met amazing people, made amazing friends, learned so much. I can’t wait to see what the next four years holds.

(Can you find me?)


Oh yeah, and as usual, we’re hiring!


Lemons and questions

My lemon tree is out of control. Giant and growing all over the dang place with deadly spikes. I’m serious. What the heck is up with the spikes? Who knew lemon trees were so evil? That said, the lemons that result are giant and juicy and delish, so I guess I don’t blame the tree for wanting to protect them. And if they prevent people from stealing lemons off my tree, I’m all for them.

The lemons at the top of the tree have been ripe for a week or so, so I got the ladder out and started hacking at branches to a) prune it and b) get the lemons off. Worked like a charm. I only spilled a little blood and even though my pruning job was…not pretty, it got the job done. I mean, I guess. We’ll see next year I guess.

My hack job:

Lemon tree injuries and the booty (so far):

Lemonade and pretty lemon cake!

So now on to the questions portion of today’s post.

  • Why does my van lock by itself right when I walk up to it? It only happens if one of the sliding doors is open. I assume it has something to do with the fob? I don’t think it does it if I don’t have the fob in my hand. It’s annoying as shit. (I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna.)
  • Also about my van – what is the weird low hum (loud) that happens when I start the van? (Also sometimes randomly when driving.) AKA “the frog”. (Very sick frog.) You can hear it in this video here.
  • Where did I put the letters I have from Jimmy Stewart? I can’t find them anywhere. It’s making me kind of sick. I know they’re not gone, but I want to have them in my hand so I know they’re okay.
  • While you’re helping me find things, where are my sunglasses?
  • And that stripey top with the sequin collar? I haven’t seen that thing in years. Meh, probably doesn’t fit anymore anyway. Jerk.
  • Is it worth paying to get 20+ year old film developed? I found this in a box yesterday.


London and Manchester 2017

How lucky am I? The second time in a year to go to my favorite place on Earth, and this time, no one was barfing all over the Airbnb. (Okay, honestly, nothing could ever beat our trip last Christmas, but that was definitely a low point.)

This trip was for work. My team (the Happiness Hiring team, also known as Athena) met up in London to work on things, and then we went to Manchester for a couple of nights for an event. It was very busy, but what better place to be busy? Plus, we’d just made our three European teammates (Dan, Cécile, and Hannah) travel to Canada for the Grand Meetup, so it was only fair we went to them this time. We’re so kind and generous.

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Ten (eleven?) Halloweens

What the heck? How can this be the boys’ tenth Halloween? I suppose we could say it’s their eleventh. Ten years ago at about 28 weeks pregnant, I dressed up as a magic 8 ball, which was pretty fun. I wish I had better pictures of my costume, but this is the only one I have…

2007: Magic 8 ball

The costumes improved a bit after they were extracted from the womb…

2008: Candy
2009: Monkeys (and a bunch of bananas)
2010: Woody(s)! And Jessie.
2011: Construction workers
2012: Superheroes! (Note Ironman’s feet)
2013: Power Ranger, Anakin, Power Ranger
2014: Hulk, Wyld Style, some Transformer, Mario
2015: The Pokemon year
2016: Ninjas
2017: Little fox, vampire, brown raccoon (named Darcy)

Busiest weekend ever!

Here’s how it looked:

Saturday morning:

Up bright and early(ish) to go with Stephanie to City Park. We have a mutual friend who works there, and she needed people to be in the background at the amusement park for promotional materials for a Christmas event. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find Christmas accessories at this time of year. Normally I’d be grateful for that. But not when I really needed it.

ANYWAY, Big Lots came through for us and I picked up a few sparkly headbands and light up necklaces.


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