Happy Ziggy Day!


Can you believe? One year ago today, Ziggy came into our lives. I was a little nervous about getting a dog (a DOG? ME?) but now I can’t imagine life without Mr. Ziggerson. And yes, there were some adjustments to be made (I have learned Ziggy has a taste for running shoes) and some furniture has been chewed on, but it’s all worth it for this face.❤


Beyond giddy!

Ever since I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ve been obsessed with seeing the play while we’re in London. Considering the entire run through 2017 sold out in like four seconds, I wasn’t super optimistic about getting a ticket. Also, it meant asking George to entertain the boys while I spent six hours over the course of two evenings seeing this play. (All I can say is, the boys are going to be very familiar with pubs by the time the play is over.)

I’ve basically been checking the ticketing websites constantly for the past few months. You’d see tickets come available for other dates, but never the week we’ll be there. But today, while on a call at work (TOTALLY PAYING ATTENTION), I idly checked the site and THERE IT WAS! There was an available ticket! And it wasn’t even at the £200 level (which I was perfectly happy to pay for this experience) but at the £40 level! Yes, it means I’ll be sitting in the second to last row, way up in the balcony but WHO CARES?

giphy (5).gif

So I click on it, hand shaking, a bit hysterical (and by now my coworkers know what’s going on, mostly due to the ear-splitting shriek I let out) and it’s suddenly NOT AVAILABLE.

giphy (3).gif

So I click back and try again AND THERE IT IS!

giphy (4).gif

But then my browser just freezes. Nothing will click. I close all the other tabs and somehow it starts working again and I’m able to get my ticket and pay for it and now it’s MINE ALL MINE!

giphy (6).gif


giphy (7).gif

(And a special thanks to my husband for letting me take this much time away from everyone to see the play.)

9 years old!

9 years old.jpg

Inside because it rained all day. Hard to get this one because they were a tad tired after last night’s slumber party. (Finally went to sleep around 1, only to be up for the day by 6:30. When are they going to sleep like teenagers already?

But I had to use some hardcore emotional manipulation (and Minions on Netflix) to get them to “smile” for this picture. Whatever works.

Catching up



I’ve been a terrible blogger. I get my awesome new .blog domain and then I just fall apart.

To be fair, life has been awfully busy. I went to Los Angeles for work, then Thanksgiving week was mostly spent in Baton Rouge with my family, and this week Linus was sick one day and I’m getting ready for their birthday and school stuff and gah.

So let’s get this out of the way.

Los Angeles:

From my pictures, it may look like we spent most of our time at Universal, not working. But I assure you, lots of work got done, it’s just not as picturesque.

And then the day after I got home, the boys and I headed to Baton Rouge to spend the week at Grandee’s, since my brother and sister and everyone was there. We also celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday a bit early.

And oh also last week we had our annual holiday party for the New Orleans Moms Blog and I got lots of fun swag and that was awesome. And I made a lemon cake from lemons picked from my tree! And also lemonade that was crazy delicious.

I suppose that brings us about up to date. I am getting ready now for the boys’ slumber party tomorrow night. The problem with a slumber party for triplets is the guest list is exponential. At first I said “one guest each” but that seemed stingy, and what about their mutual friends? So it ended up being two guests each on average and now I will have nine little boys running around the house and ACK! But I’m sure it’ll be fun. RIGHT?

Christmas card attempt, take 1


A cute picture, to be sure. But Miles has on dirty socks, Linus is standing on his toe knuckles, and I had to do a lot of terrible photoshopping to remove the reflections in the glass. I think we’ll just take a family picture closer to the holidays and maybe (gasp!) not send out cards this year at all. We’ll see.


In case you’re wondering how I got those adorable smiles…

This is Beau. I might have to hire him for the monthly pics.


Three years!


Goodness knows I love an anniversary. Three years ago today I had my first day full-time at Automattic. Still have to pinch myself.

You want in on this? We’re hiring!

The first race!


The boys had their first race yesterday, and I’m so proud of them! Naturally, I took a ton of pictures.

Before we left the house:


When we got to the race:


Lined up, ready to start:


They’re off! Miles takes an early lead.


The race was half a mile, two laps around the track. I told them it was okay if they walked some of it, since they hadn’t run a half mile straight before. But they were having none of that.

Here comes Miles, first lap almost down! Linus is still right behind him.


Here’s Ollie! (Love that he’s airborne here.)


And at the finish! Miles first!


Followed closely by Linus!


And Ollie, bringing up the rear! His brothers were there waiting to high five him. Aw!


Just the order they should have been born in, actually. Random.

I was so proud of them for giving it their all. They didn’t stop, and they finished a heck of a lot faster than I expected them to. Miles is all ready to do another race, at least. I might sign the two of us up for a two mile race coming up next month. Hope I can keep up with him!