Types of twins and triplets

These diagrams illustrate how the different kinds of twinning can look on an early ultrasound.

Dichorionic/Diamniotic (di/di) twins:

Monochorionic/Diamniotic (mo/di) twins:
mo/di twins

Monochorionic/Monoamniotic (mo/mo) twins:
mo/mo twins

Trichorionic/Triamniotic (tri/tri) triplets:
tri/tri triplets

Dichorionic/Triamniotic (di/tri) triplets:
di/tri triplets

Monochorionic/Triamniotic (mo/tri) triplets:
mo/tri triplets


8 thoughts on “Types of twins and triplets

  1. Hi pam,

    I’am from the Netherlands and I have di/tri 3. Years old. They born on 4 December 2012! You’re boys to!
    I like you’re story and i’am a follower from the other side of the world.



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