03/04/2020 {12 and one quarter}



Linus and I had our day off together on Monday and we escaped from a room! Sure. We got lots of clues, but it was just two of us! The person working said she didn’t expect us to finish but WE DID. With three minutes to spare!


Finally got my new lens! It’s not as nice as the lens I have been using, but it zooms a lot more, so it’s a trade off, but worth it. (Especially since I got it for only $50 or something, used.)



Thanks to my uncle, I have this perfect table for my grandmother’s Singer! It’s 70 years old now. Time to sew with it!



I’m sorry to say, this is probably the best picture I took on this day.



Happy Mardi Gras! And also Happy Birthday to my brother (50!!!) and Kiki (a lady never tells. But she’s the same age as me now.) Obviously I didn’t take this picture, but while we were out at the parades, the boys were having fun taking pictures of me with the butterfly headpiece that was too heavy for me to wear. Whatever keeps them occupied. Look how well my gray is growing in! 😅



All of the clothes are out of my teeny tiny closet and in my new wardrobe. Final reveal of that will be soon – but I need to get the doors put on. For now, my shoes have a nice rack at the bottom of the closet, and my best fabrics have a new home. The hanging fabric shelves are a temporary solution – hope one day to get real shelves put in.



A break from Mardi Gras festivities today, and an IKEA delivery! Now to put together this massive wardrobe. (I really had no idea how tall this thing was going to be when I ordered it.)