Mary Catherine and I took the kids to the zoo today for Zoo Year’s Eve, and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite picture of the whole year.

Oh, and this marks the END of three years solid of 365/6 projects. That’s 1096 days in a row of taking at least a picture a day. And I need a break. Whew.


Was feeling a bit stir-crazy, and it was a beautiful (if cold) day, so the boys and I spent some time at the park down the street. They kicked their new soccer balls around, and then we got a snack at a coffee shop nearby. A blissful few hours in the midst of a lot of fighting over toys. Sigh.


Friday was Linus’s class Christmas lunch, and this time, George was able to come too. The boys were so excited to see him at school. But even better was recess, when every child on the playground, it seemed like, was flocking to him. It was pretty funny, especially considering George is not exactly a “kid” person.