We’re still here, I’ve just been too busy to post. Gotta do some catchup now…

Playing a game on the Wii. Peacefully, for once.


Maury-Frank has a new best friend. I don’t think this is going to end well.


One of the reasons I love living in our neighborhood – carolers! Even though it was probably 70 degrees outside. Miles especially seemed enchanted by the whole experience.


Oliver made this sign at Millie’s birthday party on Saturday. I think he was staking his claim. Take note, Miles and Linus!


Oliver is going to be a lounge singer when he grows up.


Cheering on Daddy as he shot paintballs at the lawn furniture. We’re classy, we are.


Poor Miles. He has the meanest mommy on Earth. She made STRING noodles instead of TIRE noodles. What a tough life.


We took the boys to George’s school’s Christmas program. Mayyyyyybe not the best idea.


Looks like a totally sweet moment between brothers, right?

Yeah, actually that was right after Miles suggested to Oliver, “let’s lick each other’s tongues!”

Ah, brotherly love.