I love my new iPhone. Love, love, love.


And suddenly, without any warning, they switch their allegiance from the Avengers to the Transformers.


Confession: I didn’t take this picture, one of Miles’s teachers did. Apparently, he insisted she take a photo of him and Mario before they took a nap. (Well, before Miles napped. I’m not sure how Mario can nap with those giant eyes wide open.)


We are FIVE!

Five years old! At 6:54, 6:55, and 6:56 this morning, the boys turned exactly five years old. Am I the luckiest mama in the world, or what?


We took the boys for an “adventure walk” on the levee with their new binoculars. Apparently something was hilarious.

I love our neighborhood, we have some great views of downtown and the river.


After the boys’ party, we went outside and explored with two of their favorite presents. Binoculars and Nerf guns. Isn’t the shirt adorable? My friend Sara made birthday shirts for the boys for the third year in a row. Love them!


Butternut Squash Crack (minus the goat cheese, sadly.)

I posted the recipe for this here a few days ago, but this time when I made it again, I took a picture of it. And tried to make our kitchen look somewhat decent. Heh.


Miles getting water from the fountain at school. Just think how strong his immune system is getting right now!


The boys were put in charge of decorating my office Christmas tree. Aside from the fact that most of the ornaments ended up in the lower right third of the tree, I’d say they did a pretty good job!