Random goings on and such

Things that have been happening lately:

  • I bought the boys’ first concert tickets tonight. We’re going to see some band all the kids are digging, twenty one pilots. I think that has to be all lowercase. Apparently a bunch of their friends are going. I mean, my first concert was Julian Lennon and a magician was the opening act. TOP THAT, BOYS.
  • A few days after the concert, I’m leaving for a big trip to New Zealand and Australia for work. I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast. My coworker Deborah and I will be speaking at various WordPress events to try to recruit more Happiness Engineers. A few days in Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne. So crazy!
  • Oh, and next weekend (I guess I should put this in chronological order but nah) I’m marching in a parade (Alla, if you’re going to be here.) I’ll be in pink, head to toe, with the Krewe de Pink (a breast cancer charity.)
  • And THEN the Wednesday after that (the 22nd) I’ll be riding in Nyx! Yay! I will be on float 41 in the second to last position on the main float on the driver’s side at the top. Something like that. Easy enough to remember, right?
  • Went to a parade last weekend. Drank too many margaritas. Tis the season!
  • Put shelves up in the boys’ closet. Which always, always makes me think of this.

God I love that movie.




img_8033Just a quick note to record for posterity…

Linus ate sushi!

Okay, admittedly it was the most innocuous sushi roll on the planet (snow crab and…that’s it.) And he wasn’t a huge fan of the soy sauce. BUT. Something new! Exciting!

(He’s home sick again from asthma. Had to pick him up from school again today. Ugh.)

He’s also into pistachios now which is great. None of them are fans of nuts (unless you count Oliver’s love of Reeses) so it’s nice to have another healthy snack option for at least one of them.

Like Cinderella

This weekend, I went to a ball! Oooh, fancy. Well, I’m riding in a Mardi Gras parade this year for the first time (one of those things to check off the ol’ bucket list, if I were the type to use the phrase “bucket list”) and part of being in a krewe (no, that’s not a mispelling) is that there’s a fancy ball.

There are all sorts of rules like you have to wear a mask and you have to wear a floor length gown. FLOOR LENGTH GOWN? This was sounding expensive. Fortunately, my friend Lorie had a dress that I could borrow. I was skeptical, since Lorie is about 6″ shorter than me, but magically, it fit me perfectly!

Anyway, I had the dress. I ordered a mask off Amazon. Terry’s daughter was coming to braid my hair to put in an updo. My friend Jenn was lending me some jewelry. I joked that I felt like I was Cinderella and they were the little birds and mice coming to dress me.

In the end, I felt more like an glamorous screen siren than a princess, but whatever.


We had a full on photo shoot while some of the residents of the assisted living facility looked on.

Soon, my chariot arrived (Jenn’s Jeep, that is) and I was off to the ball!

Now just some random pictures:

If some are blurry, it’s because there was an open bar.

Anyway, in true Cinderella fashion, I was home by midnight. Only because I’m at least twice her age, and I couldn’t hang that long. But at least my glass slippers (er, black flats) both made it home safely.




15 minutes x2

Yesterday was (relatively speaking) exciting. First I got a text from my cousin’s wife who works at a local tv station. The medical reporter was looking for someone to talk to on air about the stomach bug that’s been going around. Katie knew we’d battled it, so, well, long story short, this happened:

The house was a mess and I was in the middle of interviewing someone and they wanted to come over right away, so I called Terry and yelled, “COME OVER RIGHT NOW” and she got the boys’ beds made up (I knew they were going to film them, as they had been the scene of one of the crimes, as it were) while I frantically put on make up in between asking questions.

After Terry left and I was waiting, I got a message from a reporter who wanted to interview “normal” parents of triplets after some famous people announced they just had triplets. So I sent over answers to her questions and voila:

30 Fingers and 30 Toes: These Moms Talk What It’s Really Like To Have Triplets

Temporarily identical


Well, -ish. As close as I could get, anyway.

Linus is staying brown (well, -ish. As close as I could get, anyway. There’s still a greenish blue tinge that isn’t not kind of neat.) But Oliver wanted his purple back.


And then Miles wanted me to figure out this specific hairdo. (Did I mention I also cut his hair? Go me!)

Who said you need little girls to have fun with your kids’ hair? (I mean, hopefully no one actually said that.)


House of barf

The boys were not barfers as babies. They didn’t spit up much (unless you jiggled them too much after a bottle) and they didn’t get many stomach viruses when they were younger. Sure, Miles yakked on me on a plane once about four years ago, but for the most part, we’ve done pretty well on that front. (Oh, well, there was that other time when I could see Miles was about to barf so I stuck his face down the front of my shirt to a) contain the vomit and b) prevent a chain reaction of cookie-tossing. It worked, and I am still waiting for my medal on that act of selfless bravery.)

Anyway, things have changed a lot in the past month.

First there was the barf on the flight to London. (Miles)

Then on the last day of our trip, lots more vomit. (Miles)

There was a fun incident not long after that resulted in cleaning vomit out of the top bunk. (Linus.)

Then I got a call from school the other day, someone had a tummy ache which ultimately resulted in puke all over a coffee shop bathroom. (I left a big tip.) (Miles.)

Last night, another bedroom incident, but fortunately not in any of the beds. (Linus.)

At 3:30 am, simultaneous barfing. (Linus and Oliver – see, they are identical!)

Today, just a lot more Ollie yakking.

I’m super ready for this to be over with, thank you very much.

Now, to make up for all the gross sick talk, here are some cute pictures of the boys lately.