Mother’s Day 2015

It’s only 9:45 in the morning, and it’s already a winner. I got to sleep in (thank you melatonin) and I was presented with a plethora of cards and gifts upon arising.

Look, I love presents. A lot. But I can honestly say that there is nothing I love more on Mother’s Day than a pile of handmade cards and drawings. I want no other gift.

Some highlights from today include:

A family drawing from Miles, with a list of what he loves about me and George on the back (they combine Mother’s Day and Father’s Day since they won’t be in school in the summer, but George lets me keep them on my desk.)

A photo of Linus with his hands in a heart:


A card from Oliver with some nice (I guess) things about us in French:


There’s also a list of 10 8 things that Miles loves about me (he assured me he ran out of time, not things)


and then Linus, who brought the tears:


You have to love the honesty of kids, don’t you?

I’m not going to publish this right away, because I’m still waiting for the other requirement of a great Mother’s Day: a photo of me and the boys. Preferably one with only four chins between the four of us. We’ll see how that goes.

Editor’s note: it went fine. Always get a friend who understands how to minimize multiple chins to take your photos. Also, I think I need a new dress.

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