Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out this video that some of the kids from New Orleans Moms Blog (and, reluctantly, me) were in for nola.com.

(And no, that turkey did not get cooked nor eaten.)


Lemons and questions

My lemon tree is out of control. Giant and growing all over the dang place with deadly spikes. I’m serious. What the heck is up with the spikes? Who knew lemon trees were so evil? That said, the lemons that result are giant and juicy and delish, so I guess I don’t blame the tree for wanting to protect them. And if they prevent people from stealing lemons off my tree, I’m all for them.

The lemons at the top of the tree have been ripe for a week or so, so I got the ladder out and started hacking at branches to a) prune it and b) get the lemons off. Worked like a charm. I only spilled a little blood and even though my pruning job was…not pretty, it got the job done. I mean, I guess. We’ll see next year I guess.

My hack job:

Lemon tree injuries and the booty (so far):

Lemonade and pretty lemon cake!

So now on to the questions portion of today’s post.

  • Why does my van lock by itself right when I walk up to it? It only happens if one of the sliding doors is open. I assume it has something to do with the fob? I don’t think it does it if I don’t have the fob in my hand. It’s annoying as shit. (I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna.)
  • Also about my van – what is the weird low hum (loud) that happens when I start the van? (Also sometimes randomly when driving.) AKA “the frog”. (Very sick frog.) You can hear it in this video here.
  • Where did I put the letters I have from Jimmy Stewart? I can’t find them anywhere. It’s making me kind of sick. I know they’re not gone, but I want to have them in my hand so I know they’re okay.
  • While you’re helping me find things, where are my sunglasses?
  • And that stripey top with the sequin collar? I haven’t seen that thing in years. Meh, probably doesn’t fit anymore anyway. Jerk.
  • Is it worth paying to get 20+ year old film developed? I found this in a box yesterday.


Ten (eleven?) Halloweens

What the heck? How can this be the boys’ tenth Halloween? I suppose we could say it’s their eleventh. Ten years ago at about 28 weeks pregnant, I dressed up as a magic 8 ball, which was pretty fun. I wish I had better pictures of my costume, but this is the only one I have…

2007: Magic 8 ball

The costumes improved a bit after they were extracted from the womb…

2008: Candy
2009: Monkeys (and a bunch of bananas)
2010: Woody(s)! And Jessie.
2011: Construction workers
2012: Superheroes! (Note Ironman’s feet)
2013: Power Ranger, Anakin, Power Ranger
2014: Hulk, Wyld Style, some Transformer, Mario
2015: The Pokemon year
2016: Ninjas
2017: Little fox, vampire, brown raccoon (named Darcy)

Busiest weekend ever!

Here’s how it looked:

Saturday morning:

Up bright and early(ish) to go with Stephanie to City Park. We have a mutual friend who works there, and she needed people to be in the background at the amusement park for promotional materials for a Christmas event. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find Christmas accessories at this time of year. Normally I’d be grateful for that. But not when I really needed it.

ANYWAY, Big Lots came through for us and I picked up a few sparkly headbands and light up necklaces.


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Tuesday stuff (on a Friday)

It’s been a fairly eventful couple of weeks lately. Let’s see….

Went to the Pink Prom (I mentioned it at the end of a post a while back) and wore a dress I got for fifteen dollars at the thrift store, and I gotta say, I felt quite a bit more glamorous than I usually do.

Found my Pink Prom dress at the thrift store for $15!

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Had a great time going with friends, but my neck was literally bruised from that halter the next day. Ouch.

The end of last week was taken up a lot by the thoughts of Hurricane Nate. We went back and forth about evacuating, as it was headed straight for us, but it wasn’t supposed to be strong. And we had plans Saturday that I didn’t want to cancel, which didn’t help with the decision-making process.

So after planning to evacuate and stocking up on water and various Chef Boyardee products for George (who would stay behind no matter what) we eventually just decided to stay. And…it was nothing. Barely any rain, and just some nice breezes.

Saturday morning, the boys had an audition. I don’t even know for what. Kind of strange, but they had a great time. I made their hair dark again so they’d look more alike, but I don’t think it worked. Maybe if they combed their hair the same and smiled the same?

Afterwards, I headed to my friend Jordan’s baby shower. You know I love any kind of shower. The food is the best. And this shower did not disappoint. Angela made the cakes for my own baby shower ten years ago (almost exactly!) and made most of the food for this shower too. Yum!

So I started two write this post a few days ago, as you can tell by the title. Now I can add even more fun stuff!

We went to visit Grandee and Larry for a night, it was pretty low-key. I was going to take the boys to a pumpkin patch, but the temp has literally been close to 100 (well with the heat index) so I gave up on that plan. Ugh.

One thing we’ve been working on is bike riding. I know, they’re almost 10, but there just aren’t great places to ride bikes in our neighborhood (sidewalks are terrible, and the levee is just too terrifying to contemplate.) We brought the bikes to Baton Rouge and check out Miles!

Wednesday night, Linus had his first solo sleepover at Ethan’s house, which he loved. And then yesterday, I took the boys to Laser Tag for the afternoon. And it was free! You may see their pictures on the Laser Tag website at some point. I was able to sit in the cafe and work while they played arcade games and ran around the laser tag arena. Would have been perfect if I had my noise-canceling headphones.

(They never showed up. I HATE YOU WHISTLER HILTON.)

I also spent a ridiculously embarrassing amount of time taking pictures of myself so I could have a new profile pic for work. Ā But look at my hair! Heart eyes!

In other exciting news, I’m going to England for work in a couple of weeks! We’ll be super busy so not a lot of time for sightseeing or anything, but as long as I can stock up on Winter Pimms and eat some toad in the hole, I’ll be happy. And walk in Kensington Gardens, since we didn’t get to last time. Sadly, I’m probably more excited about the cool weather than anything else. (That’s a lie. I’m more excited about toad in the hole.)

This weekend should be fun too. Grown upĀ time at City Park, the boys have A DANCE AT SCHOOL (really it’s just a Halloween party but they’re calling it a dance so I am too!) and Sunday is the NOMB Halloween event. Good times!

Recent goings on

So what’s been up in our house lately?

Well, let’s see…

Much of the first part of the week was dealing with a sick Miles. He had a minor cold that made his asthma flare up. No fun! I got a call from the school nurse saying his oxygen was in the 70s (whaaaa?) but only briefly, and it went up to the 90s after resting. When I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment, they were like “70s equals ER” so I picked him up from school and headed there.


When he was triaged there, his oxygen was up in the high 90s and IĀ almost thought they were going to send us home, but after a couple of hours (ugh) he was getting worse so we got into an exam room, where he got a breathing treatment and steroids and all that fun stuff.

So anyway, it was fine. We went to the pediatrician a couple of days later, now he’s on a daily preventative so hopefully no more ER visits in our future.

(And then today Linus is home sick.)

Cute thing: peeking in at guitar lessons (Miles not shown as he was home sick.)


Let’s see, what else…

Oh, we went to skating night last week before the sickness started. Everyone is SO MUCH BETTER than they were last year. A lot more confidence. Now they’re talking about a skating birthday party. Just like in my youth! Except they also want another slumber party. Ugh, no. I’m really trying to steer them away from that…

Look at Ollie go! (White shirt, dark shorts on the right.)

What else?

Some exciting stuff on the horizon. Tomorrow night I’ll be donning a fuschia and silver beaded floor length gown I got at the thrift store for $15 and riding in an RV to a breast cancer fundraiser. Should be fun! Pics later, maybe, if I don’t look too much like a sparkly sausage in the dress.

I just realized this post is probably too boring to publish, but oh well.