Linus, my little duck. Yes, the boys got a bath today! Banner day in our house.

5 thoughts on “01/20/10

  1. Mandy

    Is it wrong that Ive taken your confession to not bathing the boys everyday and used it to persuade Mike that we can get away with not bathing Annabel everyday! And don’t even make me admit how long Harry goes between baths.


  2. Lisa

    That is my biggest mommy confession. My kids do not get enough baths…but we do a lot of touch ups!

    From what I can see online your kids look clean to me! And that is what is important, right?!


  3. Kristin


    We can’t keep our kids out of the tub, otherwise mine would totally be getting less baths than they do! But its actually more work to attempt to entertain and distract them from it for that hour between dinner and bedtime, so we generally cave and do baths. Three in the tub makes for lots of splashing and chaos, which I can’t handle but my husband can. So I get to do dishes in peace!


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