Happy birthday, part 2

Friday night, I had my second awesome fortieth birthday party. This time, with my girls from the neighborhood. I didn’t want anything super fancy, just a meal at a local Mexican restaurant and margaritas. And everyone had to wear sequins and sparkly things. And obviously there had to be cake.

My lovely friends came through in spades.

First, Tee and I went to get our makeup done. I was extremely nervous, because I don’t generally wear a lot of makeup, but I mean, if I’m going to get my makeup done, it needs to be DONE, right? Well, it was certainly done. I got the full smokey eye. It was pretty amazing.


I looked fierce.


Meanwhile, Tee got some super glam sparkly gold eyes.


After we got all gussied up, we met everyone else at the restaurant, where I was given a GINORMOUS margarita and a TINY glittery sombrero.


Yes, I’m looking down in pretty much every picture so you can admire my eyes.

I really don’t feel like that photo captures the true size of that margarita. It was glorious.

After dinner, I ran into an old friend.


and then we went back to Jenn’s house where we drank more margaritas out of sparkly lip straws…


and danced and played some game and ate cake.


We took a group picture in front of the most excellent banner, and then I snuggled with Jenn’s dog before heading home. At 3:30 in the morning. YEAH!


Happy birthday to meeee! (Again!)


My birthday ring

For my 40th birthday, George gave me a box.

Inside the box, which jingled intriguingly, was a set of thick, copper rings. The paper he handed me along with the box informed me that my gift was a custom-made ring from the local jeweler (and friend) Lil.

After a series of appointments (okay, that makes it sound more dramatic than it was – really two visits to her studio) where we discussed various options, my ring was made!

All done!


The spinny rings have the boys’ names on them, and the inside has a little message from George, as well as the boys’ birthdate.

The spinning rings are great for someone who already likes to fiddle with her rings when bored or nervous. (Me!)

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My new spinny ring!

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Getting to Barcelona (?)

I’m on day two of my attempt to get to Barcelona. My first flight yesterday was cancelled, and so let’s all cross our fingers today goes better.

The upsides of my new itinerary include:

– getting to see the boys again
– opening my birthday gifts from Kiki, which included this magnificent piece of bling:

(Yes, that’s my name.)

So you must get imagine my dismay when I saw this on the information screens upon arrival at the airport.


Fortunately, so far the delay is only four minutes. Let’s just hope I got all my bad travel juju out of the way yesterday.

So far so good, because I was able to eat these (at no cost, thanks to a food voucher) without getting any powdered sugar on my all-black outfit. Win!