I asked, they answered

There’s a meme going around Facebook. You ask your kids some questions, they answer. I decided to try it with the boys. They were alone with me when they answered, so they couldn’t be biased by each others’ replies.

1. What is something I always say to you?
Linus: I don’t know.
Oliver: I love you.
Miles: I love you.

Well. Now we know which one listens to me the least.

2. What makes me happy?
Linus: Us being happy
Oliver: Us being happy
Miles: Us happy

Aw. I love that they answered this all the same. But also, Smarties. Smarties make me happy.

3. What makes me sad?
Linus: When we whine
Oliver: When we don’t listen.
Miles: When we fight.

Sad, mad, either way, they’re all correct.

4. How do I make you laugh?
Linus: I don’t know.
Oliver: I don’t know.
Miles: By tickling us!

Apparently, I way overestimate my sense of humor.

5. What was I like as a child?
Linus: You were unhappy. Not lonely, unhappy
Oliver: An ordinary kid. Liked playing outside
Miles: Didn’t have video games

I think I need to discuss my childhood with them more. Oliver probably got the closest, though. Except the outside part.

6. How old am I?
Linus: 41
Oliver: 41
Miles: 41

It pays to be obsessed with your birthday! Though I wouldn’t have minded if someone had thrown in a “31” in there. Oh well.

7. How tall am I?
Linus: 45 inches
Oliver: 6ft tall
Miles: 78 inches

At 5’10”, I’m closest in height to Oliver’s guess.

8. What is my favorite thing to do?
Linus: Hang out
Oliver: Read
Miles: Snuggle

Check, check, check

9. What do I do when you’re not around?
Linus: Work.
Oliver: Work. Or sit down and read or text.
Miles: Work.

I mean. I guess. That makes me sound kind of dull, though. Just as well I love my job.

10. What am I really good at?
Linus: This is a tough one. Reading?
Oliver: Being a parent
Miles: Mario


11. What is something I’m not good at?
Linus: Yoga
Oliver: Playing video games
Miles: Super Smash Bros

Can’t really argue with Linus (he takes a yoga class and SUDDENLY he’s an expert) or Miles (it’s true, I’m really bad at it) but Oliver has obviously forgotten my stunning victories at Super Mario Bros for the NES.

12. What do I do for a job?
Linus: Help people
Oliver: Help people with blogging
Miles: Help people


13. What is my favorite food?
Linus: Chips and guacamole
Oliver: Salad or oatmeal
Miles: Pizza

Oliver pays very little attention to my food, apparently.

14. What do you enjoy doing with me?
Linus: Snuggling
Oliver: Going on walks with Ziggy
Miles: Snuggle

Awwww, yep!


6 thoughts on “I asked, they answered

  1. irishhouse

    Oh my, that’s hilarious! I quite enjoyed seeing the boys’ perception of you. I’ll ask my girls tonight and let you know if they’re as tuned in as your crew.
    PS: I’d like you to know that this is the first time EVER to comment on a blog. Well, okay, maybe because your blog is the only one I read…


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