Had a pretty good weekend here. Let’s think…

Friday after work we walked down to the pizza place for dinner. I do love pizza.

Saturday afternoon, my friend Erin and I took the boys to run some errands. I think the reason they get crabby sometimes on weekends is they get bored of being at the house. So we went to Babies R Us and Sam’s, and they were so well behaved and in great moods. Oliver was in a particularly charming mood, later determined because he pooped his pants and was happily sitting in it, getting it all over his carseat. Boys.

That night, Dawn and her husband and daughter came by to visit, bringing…pizza. I do love pizza. Never turn it down.

On Sunday, we mostly hung around the house. I went to the gym while the boys were napping, which was awesome. I ran on the treadmill. People, it’s been over a year since I’ve run at all. Of course, I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty sight for the other gym-goers, but whatever. It felt great. I think I’m going to set a goal to run a whole 5K this fall. And faster than I used to do them.

For dinner last night, we walked down to the pizza place. Heh. But on Sundays they do barbecue. So not pizza again. However, my mom and Larry are coming to visit us this afternoon, and guess what we’re going to do for dinner?

Speaking of last night, I let Auntie Steph do something she’s been dying to do, and I promised her she could do first…give the boys a tiny taste of ice cream. Predictably, they loved it, even though it was only vanilla, and not Peanut Butter & Chocolate from Baskin-Robbins.

I think Oliver loved it best, but they all seemed to enjoy it. (Note, they only ate the ice cream part, not the chocolate)





I do love pizza. But having friends open a pizza place four blocks from my house might not be the greatest weight loss tool ever.

This week is going to be awesome, and go by so fast.

– Mom’s coming tonigh

– Dinner with A & S (quads and triplets moms – you know, the ones from the news) tomorrow night with margaritas, mmmmm!

– Triplet moms group on Wednesday

– Chris is coming in town this week, and Thursday he’s coming to meet the boys and hang out. Yippee!

And then a week from Friday, myself and as-yet-undetermined random triplet are heading to Virginia!

Too much excitment. Now I’ll stop talking and post some pictures I took this weekend…

Linus and Miles:

Miles cocks an eyebrow at me:

Love Oliver’s face (in red) in this. It’s his new expression:

All three:

10 thoughts on “7/14/08

  1. mandy

    I worry for you that Oliver’s expression might turn out to be his “innocent” look. His,”but mom-of course it was not I who did it/broke it/ate it…just look at me,does this look like the face of a mischievous boy?” and you’ll have to believe him b/c look at that face. I loved the ice cream pictures! Congrats on the gym-knowing you,you will indeed be running a 5k this fall.


  2. Robert

    Let me know which 5k you might be crazy enough to run this fall, and I might be just crazy enough to run it with you. The boys are hilarious with the ice cream…


  3. Mel

    I also had a smiley boy because he pooped all over the car seat this past weekend!

    Pictures are so precious! Good luck with the 5K!



  4. katie

    what adorable pics pam….love the last one with all the boys..they are getting so big and still so cute!!

    sounds like you have a great week planned…I see the boys enjoyed the icecream, what kid doesn’t…lol


  5. Amy H

    Okay, I don’t have favorites…I mean, common…we can’t have favorites…but IF I did…Oliver wins! Do you see his face in the picture of Miles eating the Ice Cream? He’s like, “Dude…I wasn’t quite done…Why’d you take it from me and give it to THAT kid?”

    And how come I’m not on your triplet blog list? It’s because I’m not cool enough, huh? Yeah, I had the same problem in High School. I was a band geek!


  6. Katie

    LOVE the ice cream photos!! And we’re frequent pizza eaters around here as well – and I don’t complain about that. 😉


  7. Monica

    I love Oliver’s espression when he was eating the ice cream. And when you took it away from him and gave Miles it – Oliver was like I want more of that stuff!! Your boys are so cute!! I also love the new blog!!


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