The Binky Bowl. These bowls were used in our wedding. Is that symbolic? Nah, just a coincidence.

7 thoughts on “01/19/10

  1. Jenn Murray

    this is an awesome idea, I hope it is easy. Well, easy may not be the right term, easy-ish. We just killed the paci, too. Boy it’s hard not to give it back when they’re sick.


  2. Jamie

    We have the only during sleep rule, had that one for a long time. Funny, my daughter did not take a paci until a few months ago, and now she wants it anytime we are in their room…and asks for it. Good Luck!!! I also read where someone planted them in the ground (along with a plant) to help it grow (because it was a baby plant)…sounded like a good idea.


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