Three to the three!

The only photographic evidence of my swimming you will ever see.

The countdown is on! Three days until my friends Maggie and Heather and I do the Rocketchix Triathlon. (Huh, three really kind of is my number, huh?)

When I signed up for this, I was very nervous about the swim. Now I’m feeling pretty good about the swim (it’s amazing how fast you can improve with swimming) and it’s the run I’m nervous about. Funny, considering I’ve completed two full marathons, 11 half marathons, and dozens of shorter races. But I’ve never done one after swimming and biking for an hour. At least the run is only two miles. And even if I walk it won’t take that long.

I’m not looking forward to wearing so much black spandex, though. Shudder.

If anyone wants to come cheer us on at the end, that would be great! Just remember. No pictures.

I’ll be thinking of the Guinn girls as I finish this race. Girl power!

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