2 years

Today the boys are two years old. Or they would be if they’d been born at 40 weeks. (Not that they would have been, of course.) I still think it’s a date worth noting, though. Did you know that my due date (I mean, my mom’s when she was pregnant with me) was also January 20? I think that’s pretty cool.

The boys at birth (well, two days old)
Me and the boys (2 days old)

The boys on their due date:
Happy 0 Birthday!

The boys one their first “adjusted” birthday:

The boys were nearly 7 weeks premature, but we were so lucky that they weren’t really affected by their prematurity. I have friends whose kids were more premature than mine, or perhaps struggled a bit harder than mine did. They’re raising money for the March of Dimes, and if you’d like to support them, here are links to their fundraising pages:






4 thoughts on “2 years

  1. Esther

    How sweet. Amazing boys. You know, I often think about how lucky and blessed I was with the pregnancy, too…sure they were 36-weeker twins and did just fine (altough we have low-weight issues) but I wonder how it would have been if I delivered my triplets. How early would I have gone, too? Would I have made it to the 32-week goal? I will never find out but I love seeing how great higher-order multiples do. Preemie or not. Like your three boys!


  2. amber

    I can’t believe how healthy and like full-term newborns they look in that first picture. I’m sure it’s just wacky most of the time around your house, but you have such a beautiful family and I thank you for continuing to share them with us.

    [PS – I still remember you and your beautiful wedding from the Knot days and it’s really fun to be able to still follow your family’s adventures. :)]


  3. Angie

    They are sooo adorable! BTW, my due date was the same as yours. I remember thinking you were amazing carrying triplets- still are! Mine was actually born on the 18th of Jan. Just turned 2 this week!


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