Operation: Binky Drop

That’s it. We’ve started the Weaning of the Uh-Ohs. It’s going to be a long-drawn out process (how much would I love to just take them away and deal with a few days and nights of constant screaming? Um, not so much, actually.) but I’m worried that doing it cold-turkey would cause some long-term emotional damage. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but Miles (especially) and Linus are so darn addicted to them!

Santa babies, take 3

However. Now that they have other objects with which to comfort themselves (namely, DVD cases), I feel better about the binky weaning process.


Today it started with the Binky Bowl. (Wow, that sounds like a football game, doesn’t it?) I admit, I stole the idea of the Binky Bowl from my mother-in-law. For a week or so, we will have the boys surrender the binkies to the Binky Bowl on the way out the door to daycare. They will be allowed to get them back when they get home from school. And then we’ll push the time back in the morning to when they wake up, and in the afternoon, to after dinner. And eventually (within a month or so?) they’ll have them only in their cribs. And then I’ll deal with that, but frankly, I am not ready for that.


They truly were okay with putting them in the bowl this morning. They didn’t cry in the car for them. And they do love their binkies in the car. Last night, on the way home from my ILs, Miles cried for 20 minutes straight for the binky he dropped on the floor. I’ll bet if he’d voluntarily given it up before we got in the car, he would have been fine.


So it’s all about choice. Or something.


We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

13 thoughts on “Operation: Binky Drop

  1. Liane

    Good luck. Stay strong. We ditched pacifiers completely last week, and it went 99% better than we thought it would. We did a lot of talking the week before about how they were big girls and only babies need pacifiers.


  2. Granny Karen

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my spur of the moment idea works. Next we have to find where all the lost binkys have gone.


  3. Julie M.

    We do paci is only for night-nights. And the paci can’t leave the bedroom. It seems to work out ok. I would never take it away from sleeping time. It’s a soother and they need it to relax and fall asleep. Deal with that one when they start becoming real big kids. For now, the binky bowls sounds good, but I always place the pacis in the crib, out of reach from little Wm hands. That way paci is for bed, and I place it in the bed. Sometimes we even say night-night to paci as we leave the bedroom in the morning. And it makes naps and nightime very exciting, because he is reunited with paci! So that’s sounds like a great plan, because you don’t want to limit their speech and interaction during the day if they have a paci in their mouth. They will be much more expressive and independent. Good luck!


  4. Betty Claire

    I only had one child that was binky addicted. When it was time to say goodbye to Binky I had a friend with a new baby. We made a big deal of visiting the new baby so she could give the new baby her binky since she was a big girl now. It worked…but she did still suck her thumb.


  5. Carrie

    I’ll be following this closely as one of our boys LOVES LOVES LOVES his binky. I have been wondering about when and how we were going to transition him away from it. Can’t wait to see how your boys do and maybe it will inspire me to start with our Liam.

    Good luck!



  6. Jill

    Good luck. We dropped the binkies cold turkey but it happened right after they turned one and there was some movement in two of the boys palette.

    Your idea is a good one. Keep us all posted!


  7. Kristin

    Sounds like a great plan! I think its really smart to do it in steps like that. You can always linger at a certain step for awhile if you need to, then move on to the next when they’re ready. Way to go you! I am sure they will rise to the challenge.

    And yeah, I am also pretty sure I would never be brave/strong enough to take them away at night, at least until they were MUCH older, ha ha. I’m a big softie when it comes to nighttime loves.


  8. plinth

    We cut the binky cord completely. We had a “Bye-byte binky party” and the kids started with binkies, but exchanged them for cake and said bye-bye. If they ever asked for one afterward, we reminded them of the cake and that they went bye-bye.


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