10 years gone

My dad had a great sense of humor. And he loved kids. I can’t imagine any other reason I had spontaneous identical triplets. He was looking down at me and George (a son-in-law he would have loved…they could have teased me together, imagine the fun!) and thought, you know what would be hilarious?

So between rounds at the great Golf Course in the Sky, I know he’s getting a good laugh out of all this. I hope he’s proud, too.

Thanks, Dad. We miss you. I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I saw you. I hate that you’re missing out on all this fun, but I guess you’re not, are you? We’re going to make sure all five of your grandchildren know what a silly, fun, kind, generous, and loyal Grandpa they have up in heaven.

15 thoughts on “10 years gone

  1. Harris Boys

    ok pam I’m crying at 8:30 in the morning. what a beautiful post and I’m sure your dad is looking down on the boys. They have a guardian angel for life 🙂


  2. Robert

    A very fun Uncle as well. You know he would never call the boys by their right names on purpose, and the teasing would be great fun (to watch).


  3. Momma-of-5

    Pam, Beautifully written! I’m crying (too early in the day for that) but smiling, too. My sister-in-law (and bestfriend…how many people can say that?) died 3 1/2 years ago and we OFTEN say what a hoot she would have with these triplets! Maybe she and your dad have started a “we’ve got triplets to cheer for” fan club in heaven?


  4. Anonymous

    That was beautiful, Pam. I’ll never forget how scared I was of him back in 1st grade. It didn’t take long to realize what a teddy bear he was. I think my favorite memories of him were when he would yell at Jenny for watching too much MTV…Paula


  5. mandy schleifstein

    Thank you Pam – you are an amazing and beautiful person – your boys can’t help but reflect the wonderful family they come from.


  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for making me cry. I can see the resemblance between you and your dad. He must have been quite a guy to have a great daughter like you.Julie


  7. Proud Momma X 3

    Written very well Pam. I know it’s been awhile but I’m sorry your dad is not here to watch your beautiful boys grow. One thing is for sure, your boys will forever have a amazing guardian angel looking down on them. Take care.


  8. Gwyneth

    I was really touched by this post, Pam. I will be hitting the ten-year anniversaryof my mom’s death in August, and I’m already thinking what a hard day that will be. She would have loved being a grandma, just as I’m sure your father would have been a great grandpa.


  9. Beth & Steven

    I just found your blog and this post really touched me. I lost my dad when I was 4 months pregnant. His one wish was to live to see his first grandchild which, sadly, he was not able to do. I’ve also written about him on my blog. He would’ve loved my son so very much and they would’ve laughed together all the time. You beautifully put me in words a lot of my feelings, too…


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