Ellen onesies

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned this….the onesies have all of the babies’ names on them, and each baby has his or her name highlighted in red. so it says
linusolivermiles (etc etc) hearts ellen!

5 thoughts on “Ellen onesies

  1. Shannan

    Holy. Cow. If that is not the CUTEST pic of the babies in their Ellen onesies, I don’t know what is. It’s funny, since I was on bedrest, I thought several times about writing to Ellen to see if she could call the ladies on bedrest at the hospital with me. It would be so GREAT if you got to meet her with zee bebes!!!


  2. monica

    What an awesome picture!! I sure hope are able to get onto the Ellen show. Love the video also. Very cute!!Monica


  3. BuckeyeBundle

    seriously?! This is one of the cutest things ever! I hope she puts you all on her show. So, so so cute!


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