Day two of potty training. Oliver would not pee, so I went on Facebook and asked for suggestions on how to encourage it since nothing I was trying was working. The first suggestion I got was to get them to try to fart. George was very excited to teach his sons this very valuable lesson.

(Didn’t work, though.)

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  1. julie g.

    Hi Pam. Sorry you had such a crazy weekend!

    You did your best and that’s all you can do. I’m sure you get advice from everyone but unless the school has strict rules I just would not stress everyone out about it. My oldest literally was not trained (day only) until he was five. I tried him earlier but he resisted and I learned he does everything in his own time and that’s ok.

    My youngest was ready when he was almost four and he let us know (day only). So that was that and by letting their personalities and bodies dictate really made all the difference.

    I just had to ignore all of my friends with girls because gosh darn it they do everything early!


  2. Rachel

    How’s the potty training going? I worked with Colby this summer when he was almost 2…he’s now been 2 for several months and almost 100% potty trained with the peeing…he might have 1-3 accidents a month so he’s doing really well! He still won’t poop on the potty though…but I hear this is normal…
    Its really more work for the parents in the beginning so don’t give up its hard but worth it. At first I just put him in undies for like an hour or two here and there really to train him to hold it b/c he HATED having accidents! When he finally started peeing in the potty I took him every hour or 45 min depending on how much he had to drink. We are now to the point where he tells me he has to go but I still try and get him to the potty atleast every hour and a half. When you go out in public try a foldable potty seat…I got one from Walmart. Worked really well for public trips. Now I can fanagle him to sit sideways and he pees so we don’t have to lug that around anymore but at first he was scared to sit on the big potty without a ring.
    I wouldn’t put them back in diapers…we took Colby out of diapers completely but use pullups. We use the same theory with them as undies that he doesn’t want them wet. Most have a disappearing picture or something…he does still wet them at night/naptime not sure when we will get to that point! Anyways good luck on this journey I can’t imagine doing 3 at a once!


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