Took the boys to a new (to us) park after I picked them up today. It was so much fun, the best part being a TRIPLE SLIDE! This never happens. It’s like it was made for them!

4 thoughts on “09/27/10

  1. Samantha C.

    Nice! Do you happen to have any parks with triple baby swings?? Mine are always fighting over the two swings and one has to go on the big kid swings.


  2. Kathryn

    Where is that park? It looks cool. I’m visiting NOLA this weekend and need to find a good park to burn off toddler energy. Is there some place to google park locations? That would be a nice app!


    1. pyjammy

      It’s at Bonnabel and the lake. We’re going to take the boys back on Saturday, they’ve been asking about it every day.

      And I agree about the app idea – there are so many parks I know nothing about!


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