Blog Party Giveaway!

In honor of the Multiples and More blog party, I’m giving away a t-shirt from my online store, the Triple Dip Shop. I started it when I thought it’d be fun to make a t-shirt answering all of the questions parents of multiples get. So you’ll get your choice of a “Twins” or “Triplets” version of this shirt. (And if you need one that says “Quads” or “Quints”, then by golly, I’ll make you one!

Here’s how to enter…
Post a comment here, telling me which shirt you’d want – twins or triplets? (or more?)

And to get more entries, you can
– become a fan of the Triple Dip Shop on Facebook (either by going to Facebook, or using the widget on the right side of my blog)
– add my blog to your blogroll
– Tweet or blog about the Triple Dip Shop and this giveaway
– Click this button  and tell me you did it

Just make sure you post a comment for each of these things you do (include relevant URLs), so you get an entry for each.

Thanks for entering! The contest will close at the end of the day on Friday, September 4.

Good luck!

Now, be sure to check out the Multiples and More End of Summer Blog Party for lots more giveaways (including another one from yours truly!)

74 thoughts on “Blog Party Giveaway!

  1. Amy H

    I also clicked on the little button thingy…phew…I’m working hard. Can you tell I want the shirt. You’d think I’d just pry open my wallet and order one…and if I don’t win…I think I’m gonna have to!


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