5 months old!

5 months old!, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Happy five months, boys! I’ll update with a more detailed post later in the week, when they have their 5 month visit with the pediatrician.

18 thoughts on “5 months old!

  1. Christie

    Oh man! Those are the cutest chubbies I’ve ever seen. Too adorable. I wanna squeeze all of their cheeks!Christiemcgoverntrio.blogspot.com


  2. Shannon

    WAY too cute! Would you notice if I “borrowed” one? You would? Darn. I’ll just have to ooh and ahh from afar then.


  3. Paulette

    They are SOOOOOOO precious. I wish I could hold them so baddddd. You must be the luckiest mommy alive!! I am so glad we get to share in your Joy!Blessings!


  4. mrsgingergrl

    They just get cuter and cuter!! I can’t believe they’re so big already. Such handsome boys. I know two nice girls for them….LOL.


  5. Rebecca Jeanne...

    I have to say that my first thought was also, “holy crap those are some CUTE boys.” Such darling smiles and oh those cheeks!!!!


  6. Anonymous

    I found your page off my friend Marie’s page. Wow- your boys are GORGEOUS! What a blessing!-Kay


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