Rolling, rolling, rolling…

We have a roller!

Uh oh. Is this how mobility starts? A roll from back to tummy? What’s next? Tummy to back? And then crawling? And then…**shudder** walking?!? Aaagh! I’m scared!

Miles rolled over yesterday. Not just once. Lots of times. And once we found him on his tummy, all swaddled up in the corner of his crib (thank god I got mesh bumpers), we decided to retire his Miracle Blanket. (How we loved thee, Miracle Blanket, you truly lived up to your name!) At least now we’re getting some use out of the sleep sacks that I got a bunch of.

It was really sweet. I was worried he wouldn’t sleep unswaddled, but this morning, he was laying on his tummy, sucking his thumb, sleeping like a um baby. (I guess he can sleep on his tummy now?)

6 thoughts on “Rolling, rolling, rolling…

  1. rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…keep those babies rollin. rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…ok, ok. i’ll stop. yay miles!!!


  2. he can sleep on his tummy now.. or you can do what rob did at first.. go in every 10 minutes and roll him back over… and piss him off because he can’t sleep.must see video of cuteness!


  3. Oh my gosh!!!! I can’t even imagine your life with those three adorable little dudes. 🙂 I have one and know that he is 18 months, I sometimes wonder how I have kept up with him. Its’ amazing how much they grow and how fast it happens. :)Take care….


  4. congrats to mr. miles! has he bumped into his brothers yet? You’ll have to post some more film now that you have a roller.


  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry, crawling is a long way away…you still have a few weeks/months of rolling. =)


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