107 and grainy

I did take this yesterday, but I didn’t post it because I took it on my new iPhone and while I liked the smiles, I wasn’t happy with the photo quality (it was still sorta darkish outside when I took it so it’s grainy because of low light) so I was going to try to take another picture with my big camera later, but we had a birthday party and I forgot my camera and we were late to the birthday party anyway and who wants a monthly picture outside of Laser Tag?

So, month 107, just 30 days from NINE YEARS OLD.


For funsies, a collage of the previous November 4 photos:

7 years + 9 months

So that’s…let’s see…seven times twelve is…uh…84…plus nine is…


Sheesh. The math is getting harder.


I am extremely bummed that it was so foggy this morning, because Oliver voluntarily put his arms around his brothers for the picture. The smiles weren’t even forced! They were excited to wear their new school spirit shirts (don’t ask what a Loup-Garoux is, I’m still trying to figure it out) and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (My new monthly photo bribe.)

See them all here.

Month 88

You know what this means? Twelve months from today, we’ll be taking #100. Then, maybe I can consider stopping. (No, not really. As if.)

This month, we had a very special guest, all the way from Los Angeles! Give it up everyone, for COUSIN ELLIE!

88 months