Well, yesterday was an appointment with my OB. I was really nervous about it, because I wanted to address my concerns about Dr Jerkface from Friday. The good news is, I got an appointment with a new MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist) who sounds much better. The bad news is, it’s in three weeks.

In other bad news, my OB was kind of a asshole. I was asking him about a plan for treatment if two of the babies did end up being monoamniotic (in the same amniotic sac, with no membranes dividing them) and he didn’t really have an answer for me. When I responded that I’d want inpatient monitoring, he scoffed and said “oh, I don’t know anyone who does that…where did you hear that?”

When I said the Internet, he responded as if I’d said the Weekly World News. Because we all know that EVERYTHING on the internet is CRAP. Right, I have no brain at all, and I have no idea how to differentiate between good and bad info. Gimme some credit, please.

In the end, I was able to get out of him a reference for the new MFM, one who I suspect may end up being my primary doctor. I hope so, after the way I was treated by this one. It’s really sad, though. I loved my OB up until yesterday. But clearly he’s in over his head and can’t admit it. Whatever.

Sucky thing is, the appointment with the new MFM isn’t for three weeks, but I’m going to call today to see if I can get in earlier. Maybe if there’s a cancellation or something.

And I also found out that not many people like the old Dr Jerkface that I saw on Friday. Heh.

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  1. Karen

    Glad you’ve got a new MFM lined up. Re: your OB… you don’t necessarily automatically need inpatient monitoring with a monoamniotic sac. It DOES increase your likelihood of needing it at some point significantly, but it’s not an automatic ticket there. At any rate, that’s a decision that should NOT be made by your OB. That’s a decision that should be made by the MFM. This is one of the reasons I absolutely urge you to find an MFM you like and trust and simply transfer your care over. I know that I’m a broken record on that, and believe me, it was an impossible struggle for me, because I LOVE my OB SO MUCH. I’ll shut up about it if you want me too, but I think in the long run, you’ll be much more comfortable. I was still feeling guilty and uncomfortable about the switch until a week after the switch when I landed myself in the hospital for contractions and my paperwork hadn’t been fully transferred over yet, so I was still technically under bilateral care and dealing with both sets of doctors was an utter nightmare. Then I realized, I really had made the right decision.


  2. Searching

    Oops, I actually thought Jerkface was a real name and was trying to figure out if that would be “jerk-face” or “jer-ka-fassee.” Perhaps I need a bit more sleep… I agree about the advice needing to come from the MFM doc and not the OB. VERY happy to hear you got a new one! I can’t wait to hear how it goes, and hope you are able to wiggle your way into an earlier appt. Start blubbering on the phone. Crying pregnant tripley-hormonal women are scary- they might rip your limbs off and then bite off your head, or something like that. Use that to your advantage. πŸ˜‰


  3. Anonymous

    I think you ought to become visioner’s friend. That being said.. seriously – if you take everything you read on the internet as bible – you’re going to drive yourself insane. Your doctor may not have (a ton of) experience with triplets, but he’s also not going to anything to purposely endanger your pregnancy. Find a new specialist – call them, stalk them, sit in the waiting room until they see you. Call with an “issue” (don’t make up contractions because you DON’T want to wind up in the hospital like that).There is alot of information out there that can scare you and is meant to scare you, but it’s also going to drive you nuts. It may be advisable to stay off the internet and stop reading horror stories – there is such a thing as too much information.It’s like being on an airplane – you’re trusting a professional to get you somewhere you can’t get on your own – but you’re going to have to let them make the informed decision and stop relying on things you read on the internet – otherwise, you’ll never be able to enjoy your trip. With a (few)notable exceptions – your pilot is not going to take you on a flight that he doesn’t feel is safe.


  4. kristina

    In response to Anonymous’ comment and in Pam’s defense, I hardly think that wanting to be able to discuss treatment options with your doctor is the same as taking everything she read on the internet as bible. Blindly relying on one person’s opinion on what is best for your health and the health of your babies is ridiculous. Everyone has the right to discuss their medical conditions with their doctor and be treated with respect.


  5. Anonymous

    What does DR. GARY think? I fashion him the end all be all of “down there” docs…and he went to LSMSA so by osmosis he must know everything about multiples, cold fusion, and the VAX system.Kettie


  6. Casey's trio

    Hi Pam,I hope the new MFM is a good one. I know a few other bloggers who had MOMO twins and I will send them over here in case they have some good advice.


  7. angie

    Hi Pam,I am one of Casey’s momo friends, my momo boys are nearing their second birthday. As you know, throwing in a possible momo pair throws a monkey wrench in things. In 2004 the biggest and most persusuasive study was published by Heyborne et al. which studied the outcome of 87 momo patients. I know that doesn’t sound like a huge number, but with the rarity of momo’s, it’s a very significant number. These patients came from 11 care centers, and half the patients had inpatient monitoring at viability (which varies somewhat) and half had outpatient monitoring. All of these women ELECTED to go inpatient or do outpatient monitoring. The inpatient moms had a 0% mortality rate, while there was a 14.8% mortality rate in the outpatient group. Also, he found that the inpatient moms had improved birth weights and gestational age at delivery over moms who did outpatient moms. So, going inpatient is a choice. A choice you should be given. In the United States inpatient monitoring has become almost routine recently for momo sets because quite simply it yeilds the best results. If your doctors are not willing to even consider giving you this choice, you definitely need to move on and find one that will provide a treatment plan YOU are comfortable with. First though, they need to verify your diagnosis again, and I would think a new peri would want to do that ASAP considering you are almost at viability.I was diagnosed with momos by an MFM. My OB didn’t even know I was carrying twins and when I went to my OB appointment I told her the boys were momo and she stared telling me she’d monitor me outpatient, etc., because that is how they treated momos a few years ago. I told her that the MFM’s gave me the choice of inpatient or outpatient care and she was totally fine with that. Most OB’s DON’T know how to deal with momo’s (or triplets for that matter) and that’s why it’s so important to see a good MFM. They have no excuse for not being up to date on recent studies. They deal with high risk pregnancies, while OB’s for the most part don’t. So, I’m not excusing your OB by any means, just stressing how important a good MFM is, as they direct your care whether they take it over completely or direct your OB. Doctors are humans and make mistakes. Sometimes their egos are just too big and even if they *think* they are doing the best thing, it’s possible they are not. Just as you shouldn’t blindly trust everything you read on the internet, you shouldn’t blindly trust a doctor just because he/she is a doctor. You *might* think twice about getting on an airplane with a design that has been known to crash 14% of the time. If you *know* based on reseach and others you’ve talked to that there *is* a better airplane out there, chances are you’d chose the plane with better outcomes, which is what you are trying to do, and I wish you the best in this journey. I can only imagine the stress you must be going through right now, and I really hope you can get in to see the new doctor as soon as possible.Sorry for the long post. One thing I do want you to know is that higher order multiples with a momo pair seem to just as well as *just* twins with a momo pair….possibly even better (in my opinion) once they reach viability. Perhaps being squished into place is a factor? The last few higher order multiples I know of with a momo pair (2 sets of triplets, and one quads with a momo pair) did phenomenally. So, stay optimistic, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get in to see the specialist soon.


  8. Jane

    Even if jerkface is right, he shouldn’t have responded that way to you, as if you were an idiot. Bad bedside manner!!


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