Well, now it’s time for some excitement!

Went to the doctor yesterday, and based on several factors, he is admitting me tomorrow for the duration. Hopefully that duration is at least two weeks, but we’ll see. My blood pressure is starting to creep up, my ankles are just getting more and more swollen, and (here’s the fun one) I gained 17 lbs in 11 days. So, yeah, it’s time.

As soon as he walked in the room after reviewing my bp, weight gain, etc, George and I both knew what he was going to say. You could just tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t giving me great news. But really, I don’t consider it bad news. I’m happy to do whatever to make this pregnancy last as long as possible. It definitely sucks not to be at home, but it’s a small price. Goodness knows I’ve had it very easy compared to most of the stories I read about triplet pregnancies.

So today, some friends are coming over to visit, I need to pack, and George and I will spend some time together alone. (Mostly I will just make him scratch my back for several hours to make up for all of the scratch-free nights I have ahead of me.)

Thank goodness the hospital has wireless access, so I will still be posting and all that. Woo!

PS Funny – the doc measured my belly, and if I were having just one, I’d be 47 weeks pregnant! tee hee! Silly.


Sorry I haven’t been posting much. Kristina is in town and between work and hanging out with her, I haven’t had much time for anything. But we’ve got the house in a state of high organization. It’s v exciting.

Today is our 2nd anniversary! Yay! We didnt’ do anything since we went out to eat last week, so it’s kind of anticlimactic. But still. Yay us! Hee.

I also had an appointment with the MFM. Dare I say it was slightly…boring? But only in the best way.

Took the glucose test (don’t know the results yet, dear god I hope I passed!) and then went in to see my doctor. Babies look good (didn’t get their weights, I forgot to ask, but he didn’t mention them, so that’s good), my cervix is “a role model cervix”, nice, long, and closed (sorry to the squeamish, but this is a big deal), my blood pressure was fine, etc, etc, etc.

Babies are so cute – we got some great face shots. All babies are head-down (which makes not a whit of difference in my circumstances, just saying) but some of them have their feet by their heads. Silly kids. πŸ™‚ I will have George scan the pics we got later so you can see. We saw hair on Baby B, which doesn’t surprise me at all – George and I are both pretty hairy, after all. Heh.

I guess that’s about it…I go back a week from Friday, but just for a checkup. I won’t see them again on u/s until December 10 – if I make it that long. That’s 34 weeks! Yow! I hope I make it that long!

Soooo…yeah. Good appointment!


Man, I am soooo tired. So I will keep this entry short, but I know I need to post about my appointment yesterday, so here goes:

Well, everything is going well. What else to say? Ha ha…Babies look good. Weights are:
A: 2 lbs
B: 2 lbs 5 oz
C: 2 lbs 6 oz

I’d say “poor little A” but A was kicking B right in the head, so I’ll say “poor little B” instead.

As far as my health is concerned, all is well. Blood pressure is good, weight gain is good, and (apologies to males reading) cervix is long and doesn’t change when pressure is applied to my abdomen. I’m going to start working from home in the next week or so, which is going to be so much better. It’s just getting so hard to sleep and get up in the morning and get ready and drive into work, etc, etc. Just need to find a handy laptop desk that I can use on the sofa.

Doctor wants to see me get to 34 weeks at minimum, but I’m determined to be an overachiever and get to 36 weeks. πŸ™‚

George and I also toured the NICU, because chances are very good that they’ll end up in there, at least for a little while. I wasn’t too shocked by it, but I think George was a little shaken up by it. I’m really glad he saw it now, though.

Oh, pics? Want to see them? C was being uncooperative, so we only have A & B. But like it matters – they basically look all the same anyway. πŸ˜›

And more excitement – Kristina is coming in two weeks for a week to help me out, getting the house organized and ready and everything. Yaaaay! So exciting!


So let’s see…lots to post about.

Had second appointment with new doctor. Still love him, am very glad I switched to him. Mom and Jenny and Emily came to the ultrasound. Emily wasn’t happy at first. This was my first hint of what a little piglet my niece is. But the cutest piglet on earth. But boy, when she’s hungry, you’d better have a bottle handy! I think that was really the only time she cried much, though. So she’s pretty easy to figure out.

Anyway, the appointment. I had to make Jenny and Mom cover their eyes whenever the u/s tech went near the gender bits. But funny story – the first u/s tech insisted they weren’t all the same sex. We were excited for a little while until the second (more experienced) tech informed us that yes, she firmly believes they are all the same sex. Oh well. They just like to keep me guessing!

Everything went well with the appointment. The babies look great (they have, and I quote “beautiful” hearts), my (ahem) cervix is in great shape, and my weight gain is good. (Heh. I still get a kick out of saying that.) Right now, I weigh more than I ever have in my whole life, and let me tell you, I’ve weighed a LOT. At least this time the weight is all in one place, and not in my chins, face, thighs, arms, neck, etc. The doctor said I’d probably go on bedrest in the next month or two, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I hope that I can avoid it until, say, Thanksgiving, but we’ll just play it by ear. In any case, I hope to be able to work up til the babies are born. Thank goodness my job is pretty low-stress and my boss and coworkers are awesome. I can definitely do it from the comfort of my couch.

So after work on Friday, I drove to Baton Rouge so I could spend maximum time with Emily. My god, she is a cute baby. And she’s so blue-eyed and blonde and pink cheeked, it’s hard to imagine that she’s related to me. You should see the pictures of her with our cousin Molly, with her olive skin and beautiful brown eyes and thick, dark brown hair. You’d never believe they’re so closely related.

Anyway. The shower was on Saturday. It was so great, as usual. What could be more fun than opening lots of presents, especially when presents are teeny little outfits and toys and things of that nature? I also got a reeeeally nice diaper bag, which is definitely nicer than most purses I’ve ever owned. And there were tons of babies and kids there. I thought my feet might be spared from the onslaught of helpers, but alas, this was not to be. Between my cousin’s daughter and a friend’s daughter, I got pretty well trampled. But they’re cute, so it’s okay. Heh.

And the babies! Emily and Preston and Fletcher and Gavin and George – lots of playmates for the triplets! (I hope I didn’t forget any babies. There really were a lot there.)

Okay, this is getting long. So the shower was great. And then later that night we went to “watch” the LSU game at someone’s house. Of course, I don’t really watch football games, but I did eat a lot of chips and dip. And played with the aforementioned foot-tramplers.

Sunday was a brunch at my aunt’s house for my cousin Clark and his new wife. They got married on a rooftop, kind of on a whim, I think, and this was their brunch to celebrate. Yum. Cheesy grits. That’s all I gotta say.

That’s the gist of my weekend. I’m tired of typing. It was really fun. When I get pictures from people, I’ll post some….


I am now officially down to one doctor. Yippee! I had an OB appointment yesterday and told him that the new MFM and I decided that he would manage my care from here on out. Thankfully there were no ego issues, and OB agreed that it would be best. I am so relieved. And I’m sure my boss is happy too that I won’t have quite so many appointments from here on out.

I knew I made the right decision when the nurse came to check the babies’ heartbeats and only looked for one. I dunno, wouldn’t you think they’d write TRIPLETS on my chart in big ol’ letters? Don’t you?

In other news, I have now been dubbed Pamasnoraus. A new breed of dinosaur that makes loud noises while sleeping. Hmmph. Sorry George! He now spends most of the night on the couch. I really do try not to snore, but apparently it’s impossible. I miss sleeping on my tummy.

I heart my MFM

At last!!! I have a decent doctor! Finally! Dang. Took long enough.

Yesterday was my appointment with the new MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist.) I love him. Ohhh, I am so happy I am changing doctors!

So here’s a basic run-down of the appointment…

– My appointment was at 1:00. Guess what time I was in the ultrasound room? Like, 1:03. Damn!

– Ultrasound tech spent about an hour or so looking at the babies. I have a feeling they’re going to be a handful, because she’s the second u/s tech that’s said these babies were going to drive her to drink. Gulp. Okay, so they’re a bit unruly in the womb, switching positions, knocking each other out of the way, being generally mischievous.

For instance, Baby A, at the beginning of the u/s, was head down, in the “presenting” position. That means, if it was going to be born “the old fashioned way”, it’d be coming out first. Later on, Baby B decided it wanted to come out first and plopped its little butt down, right at the “exit”, as it were. Little do they know that they can fight all they want – they ain’t coming out that way. Heh. Anyway, it caused much confusion. And C was going from up and down to side to side to oblique. All over the place. Aww, those kiddos!

– The best news of all – the doctor is 80-90% sure they’re triamniotic. That is, that they’re all in their own little sacs. Hurrrrrraahhhh! This is the news I’ve been dying to hear. This means, if all stays well otherwise, no hospitalization (until they’re born, of course)! I can still work, I can still be at home, I can still celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving with my friends. I can hopefully carry them to 34-36 weeks and let them get big and healthy and not have to go into Intensive Care when they’re born!

I just really, really hope it’s true. But I’m pretty optimistic. This is a good doctor, with lots of experience.

– Upon leaving, his nurse (who herself has triplets) handed me a copy of what seems to be the bible of multiple pregnancies, Dr. Barbara Luke’s book:

This is a big deal to me. It means he didn’t yell at me for gaining 25 pounds so far, like the other doctors did. In fact, he commended me on my weight gain! Man, you have GOT to love a doctor like that! And, he said I have excellent blood! Not entirely sure what that means, but he was quite thrilled with my bloodwork.

And, (sorry male readers) my cervix is nice and loooong and doesn’t change when pressure is applied. This is good. Nice and long is gooooood. And my blood pressure was fine, he said.

So, that’s the rundown. I see my OB tomorrow, hopefully for the last time. I will need to ask him to release me (I think it’s more a professional courtesy more than anything – the new doctor doesn’t want bad blood between them or anything.) and the new doctor will be taking over my care 100%! Yay!


I know I haven’t posted much lately, I just have been up to not much worth posting. Let’s see…

Went to Baton Rouge this weekend. I was all about the partying this weekend. Some serious, hardcore partying. First it was Alison’s birthday party. That crazy chick! She turned three. We had pizza and cake at her party. Wooooooo!!!

Then yesterday, Ava turned two. More cake! And cucumber sandwiches! Some serious stuff, man. Serious.

And in between, there was some shopping, including some purchases for tiny babies. Gaah! Little gowns with the elastic at the bottom, and the little cuffs for tiny baby hands. And a book for Grandee to read to them.

I also managed to get a few things for dirt cheap at a Mothers of Twins tag sale on Saturday. I really should stop buying stuff, though, since my showers are coming up soon. One thing that was killing me was that we were at TJ Maxx and they had a Boppy pillow that I registered for. At Babies R Us, that puppy is $25 plus another $8-12 for a cover. They had them for $20 (with cover) at TJ Maxx. That kind of thing makes me crazy, that someone could buy it at full price when it’s so much cheaper elsewhere.

Anyhoo, I shall just be grateful for what I do get and not worry if people got a bargain or not. I’ll shut up now.

Today is my appointment with the new Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. I have high hopes. I’ve been hearing great things about him, so keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t
a) insult my intelligence
b) fall asleep during my ultrasound
c) be a jerkface to me

Will post later on how the appointment goes.


Great news!

I got my appointment moved up to the 17th instead of the 26th. I psyched myself up by reading the comments here and on another message board and called the new MFM’s office. I’m so glad I did – the nurse who answered was very receptive. She said that my OB’s office requested an appointment in my 23rd week. Ugh. Actually, I know that’s not true because I was sitting there when they made the appointment and they asked for the first available one. But they certainly didn’t stress that it was important.

So I said no, I’d really like to get in as soon as possible, considering the stage of my pregnancy. And when I said I wasn’t happy with my OB, she softened up and said she’d look into it and call me back. (She was so nice. I love nice people.) A few hours later, she called back, and said that she’d showed my file to the doctor, and he agreed to see me sooner. That’s great – it means he recognized that it’s important not to wait too long.

I do wish it could be even sooner, but I’ll take this…it’s only a week from Monday. Just two weekends to get through. And it might be the first time I’ve ever looked forward to a Monday!

Actually, the preceding weekend will be fun. I have two birthday parties to go to – one for a three year old little girl, and one for a two year old little girl. Cake! Mmmm, cake.


Well, yesterday was an appointment with my OB. I was really nervous about it, because I wanted to address my concerns about Dr Jerkface from Friday. The good news is, I got an appointment with a new MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist) who sounds much better. The bad news is, it’s in three weeks.

In other bad news, my OB was kind of a asshole. I was asking him about a plan for treatment if two of the babies did end up being monoamniotic (in the same amniotic sac, with no membranes dividing them) and he didn’t really have an answer for me. When I responded that I’d want inpatient monitoring, he scoffed and said “oh, I don’t know anyone who does that…where did you hear that?”

When I said the Internet, he responded as if I’d said the Weekly World News. Because we all know that EVERYTHING on the internet is CRAP. Right, I have no brain at all, and I have no idea how to differentiate between good and bad info. Gimme some credit, please.

In the end, I was able to get out of him a reference for the new MFM, one who I suspect may end up being my primary doctor. I hope so, after the way I was treated by this one. It’s really sad, though. I loved my OB up until yesterday. But clearly he’s in over his head and can’t admit it. Whatever.

Sucky thing is, the appointment with the new MFM isn’t for three weeks, but I’m going to call today to see if I can get in earlier. Maybe if there’s a cancellation or something.

And I also found out that not many people like the old Dr Jerkface that I saw on Friday. Heh.

MFM appointment

So, I know I have to post about today’s appointment. Can I make it brief?

No membrane found.

But babies look great. They’re all the same sex – but we asked them not to tell us what that sex is.

Doctor is now on my shit list, for basically giving me no information, just saying “come back in four weeks and we’ll look [for the membrane] again.” I can’t tell you how angry this makes me, and I’ll be chatting with my OB on Wednesday about that. I really, really want to switch MFMs now to someone with a shred of bedside manner. Someone who doesn’t fall asleep while the u/s tech is looking at the babies.

So, that’s that. How about some pics?






Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I was going to post after my appointment on Tuesday, but to be honest, I was just kind of depressed about it, and didn’t feel like writing it all up.

But now I think I am over it, and am trying to be optimistic about everything.

The appointment didn’t really go any differently than I expected. It was at the hospital, and I really liked the u/s tech. For about an hour, she looked at all three babies, taking measurements. They looked great. All growing well, all wiggling around (far more active than Mommy and Daddy), so much so that the tech was having a really hard time measuring the heartrates.

Then it was time to look for the membranes, and as I suspected, they were only able to find one, the one between B and A&C. So, B is “walled off” by his (random gender! no we don’t know and we’re not finding out) membrane, and as far as they could see, A&C are floating around in another chamber. They couldn’t find the membrane between A and C, which is vital. Without the “wall” separating them, they can get tangled up in each others cords. This would be very bad.

If they don’t find the membrane at the next appointment, we will start seriously discussing hospital bedrest. Beginning around 24 weeks. (Is it totally wrong to hope it’s at 25 weeks since my second shower is 24 weeks, 6 days?) A lot of monitoring, hopefully to make it to 32-34 weeks.

I really don’t want to be in the hospital. I really don’t want to spend every day for eight weeks worried sick about little A & C. It’s terrifying. And even if they do find the membrane, then I have to worry about another possible complication, where one baby takes more of its share of the placenta, and they both suffer.

It just makes for a bleak picture.

And it doesn’t help that the doctor was presenting us all kinds of doom-and-gloom scenarios. Fine, it’s his job, but it was a little overwhelming.

They also found that my ovaries are GINORMOUS (think baseball sized) and full of cysts, but they’re not worried about it. It really was just funny how the doctor was all “OH MY GOD” at them. Heh. You’d think that between two baseballs and three avocado-sized beings in my torso, I might actually look a little pregnant. Not so much. Ahh, the joys of being tall and wide.

So I may sound very pessimistic from this post, but really, I’m not. There is a good chance they’ll find the membrane. (Based on some reading I’ve done – there were three yolk sacs when they were teeny, therefore there should be three amniotic sacs. So the “scientists” say. Heh.) And if I end up in the hospital, well, what better place to be? I’d happily give up my freedom for the peace of mind this would provide. And George’s work is just a few minutes away, so he’d be able to visit a lot.

I hope all of my male readers enjoyed that tour into my reproductive organs.