Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I was going to post after my appointment on Tuesday, but to be honest, I was just kind of depressed about it, and didn’t feel like writing it all up.

But now I think I am over it, and am trying to be optimistic about everything.

The appointment didn’t really go any differently than I expected. It was at the hospital, and I really liked the u/s tech. For about an hour, she looked at all three babies, taking measurements. They looked great. All growing well, all wiggling around (far more active than Mommy and Daddy), so much so that the tech was having a really hard time measuring the heartrates.

Then it was time to look for the membranes, and as I suspected, they were only able to find one, the one between B and A&C. So, B is “walled off” by his (random gender! no we don’t know and we’re not finding out) membrane, and as far as they could see, A&C are floating around in another chamber. They couldn’t find the membrane between A and C, which is vital. Without the “wall” separating them, they can get tangled up in each others cords. This would be very bad.

If they don’t find the membrane at the next appointment, we will start seriously discussing hospital bedrest. Beginning around 24 weeks. (Is it totally wrong to hope it’s at 25 weeks since my second shower is 24 weeks, 6 days?) A lot of monitoring, hopefully to make it to 32-34 weeks.

I really don’t want to be in the hospital. I really don’t want to spend every day for eight weeks worried sick about little A & C. It’s terrifying. And even if they do find the membrane, then I have to worry about another possible complication, where one baby takes more of its share of the placenta, and they both suffer.

It just makes for a bleak picture.

And it doesn’t help that the doctor was presenting us all kinds of doom-and-gloom scenarios. Fine, it’s his job, but it was a little overwhelming.

They also found that my ovaries are GINORMOUS (think baseball sized) and full of cysts, but they’re not worried about it. It really was just funny how the doctor was all “OH MY GOD” at them. Heh. You’d think that between two baseballs and three avocado-sized beings in my torso, I might actually look a little pregnant. Not so much. Ahh, the joys of being tall and wide.

So I may sound very pessimistic from this post, but really, I’m not. There is a good chance they’ll find the membrane. (Based on some reading I’ve done – there were three yolk sacs when they were teeny, therefore there should be three amniotic sacs. So the “scientists” say. Heh.) And if I end up in the hospital, well, what better place to be? I’d happily give up my freedom for the peace of mind this would provide. And George’s work is just a few minutes away, so he’d be able to visit a lot.

I hope all of my male readers enjoyed that tour into my reproductive organs.

8 thoughts on “8/9/07

  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know, that my baby A and B did not have a membrane between them and they did fine. Baby B was a little bit smaller than the other two, but for 31 weeks they did amazing. You may not think you want to be on bedrest by 24 weeks, but trust me by that time you will be. I went on bedrest at 23 weeks and I was begging. It just gets hard carrying all those babies around. Just have the shower in the hospital room or have them up the date by two weeks. Best of luck, Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com


  2. Anonymous

    Stay positive. We sometimes see scary things and remember those over the good and miracles, just human nature I guess. But for the most part, it is like the warning signs before a rollercoaster or river rafting — enough to scare you to keep your arms and legs inside the cabin, your mind alert, while you enjoy the ride. The pics of you, Ren, and Annie are adorable. 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    Just take one day at a time Pam. That was one of the best pieces of advice my Mom gave me when I was going through a hard time. I agree w/ anonymous to stay positive. You have no reason right now not to! :-)Take care, we love you all, and El wants to v.chat soon!Jenniferp.s. Am making the 101cookbooks frozen yogurt this afternoon! So far it tastes yummy!


  4. Searching

    You and your little family are always in my prayers. I hope they see the membrane at the next visit, but babies can still gestate (if that’s a word!) just fine without it. Have a chat with them about playing the silent game and not playing twister with each other. :)Totally sucks about your ovaries! I hope it isn’t causing you any pain!!


  5. Gwyneth

    Sorry to hear you so down – just not like you! I’m happy to hear that all three little ones are still doing so well, though.


  6. Karen

    Definitely stay positive. Obviously sharing an amniotic sac is a higher risk, but it’s a surmountable risk and the good news is that you’ll be monitored very, very closely, so your doctors will know very quickly if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. We are very lucky to live in a day and age where the science and medicine even has ways to help when problems arise in utero, which wasn’t always the case.You’ve definitely got lots of friends inside the computer here to support you. 🙂


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