Sorry I haven’t been posting much. Kristina is in town and between work and hanging out with her, I haven’t had much time for anything. But we’ve got the house in a state of high organization. It’s v exciting.

Today is our 2nd anniversary! Yay! We didnt’ do anything since we went out to eat last week, so it’s kind of anticlimactic. But still. Yay us! Hee.

I also had an appointment with the MFM. Dare I say it was slightly…boring? But only in the best way.

Took the glucose test (don’t know the results yet, dear god I hope I passed!) and then went in to see my doctor. Babies look good (didn’t get their weights, I forgot to ask, but he didn’t mention them, so that’s good), my cervix is “a role model cervix”, nice, long, and closed (sorry to the squeamish, but this is a big deal), my blood pressure was fine, etc, etc, etc.

Babies are so cute – we got some great face shots. All babies are head-down (which makes not a whit of difference in my circumstances, just saying) but some of them have their feet by their heads. Silly kids. 🙂 I will have George scan the pics we got later so you can see. We saw hair on Baby B, which doesn’t surprise me at all – George and I are both pretty hairy, after all. Heh.

I guess that’s about it…I go back a week from Friday, but just for a checkup. I won’t see them again on u/s until December 10 – if I make it that long. That’s 34 weeks! Yow! I hope I make it that long!

Soooo…yeah. Good appointment!

6 thoughts on “11/13/07

  1. Jessica

    woo hoo! I’m happy to hear about your “boring” appointment. That’s very exciting in this world!! Keep up the good work Momma!


  2. pam

    anonymous -no way. no way do i want to. and no way do my doctors want me to. too risky, in my opinion, and i certainly don’t want to end up going through both kinds of deliveries.


  3. Cindy & Brian

    way to go! boring is GREAT! And way to go with the role model cervix! My cervix has unfortunately been hanging with the wrong crowd and is no longer being good. Maybe it changed its ways and stopped shortening – we’ll see this week! Happy anniversary too!


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