Oh yummmmmmmy. George and I just got back from our anniversary dinner, even though the actual date isn’t until Monday. We’re celebrating early since Kristina is coming tomorrow for a week (wahoo!)

We went to a restaurant called Clancy’s, and the service was great and the food was great and the atmosphere was…great. (Need new adjectives.) Let me describe my delicious meal…

First, I had a salad of lump crabmeat (a TON of it) over a bed of mixed greens, and a creole mustard-caper dressing. Oh holy cow. I mean, there was a TON of crabmeat. Almost literally. I swear. It was so good. Then for my entree, I had scallops in a butter sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables. They were fancy mashed potatoes, of course. I think she mentioned truffle oil, but I don’t know about that. Anyway, the scallops were huge and amazing. I loooove scallops. For dessert, we split their house specialty dessert, a lemon icebox pie. It was sooo good.

George had a white bean and andouille sausage soup and an amazing pork tenderloin with mashed sweet potatoes and vegetables. Holy crap, that pork was good. I don’t order it in restaurants, but that dish would have changed my mind. Sooo good.

The waitress was nice enough to have the bartender make me a faux Cosmopolitan, so I even felt somewhat normal for a bit. Torturously, they sat us in the “wine room”, which is lined in wine bottles. Sigh. So tempting.

After dinner, we met some friends out at a neighborhood bar, where I had a rare glass of wine. On top of so much food, I didn’t feel guilty for a bit. It was so good (and probably crap wine, even.)

So tomorrow night Kristina’s coming in. Yay! I am v v v excited. Woo!

9 thoughts on “11/7/07

  1. stanford

    carrie! i love the fact that you had a cosmaux. it was reminincent of that bar in soho we used to frequent in our younger, single, childless days…


  2. Gwyneth

    I love Clancy’s! We went on my last night in NOLA on this last visit. I had the pork chop, and I always get the icebox pie. Happy anniversary!


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